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Here's a tiny part of my life, my experiences, my perspective, my opinions, my thoughts, my world, my reality, my truths. Perhaps someone will get something out of it.

I love to get feedback and critique, so feel free to speak your mind and offer suggestions for improvement.

*This blog has moved!*
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????? · 2012-03-31: 02:16
????? グッチ

????? · 2009-01-19: 16:16
????? What do you want to study?
Peche · 2009-01-18: 17:37
I don't know what to say, Jessica... you are so beautiful... the lighting here is beautiful, the muted color is beautiful, your hair, the position and framing --gorgeous.

"I had no idea what to post for so long. A lot of what I have posted, has felt a little devoid. Of something -...
Amy, something about your words always make me feel more whole - thank you for your lovely comment here. I always look out for your thoughts on my post and value what you think highly.

I think you hit on a really strong point in what you wrote: that you missed being proud of your art - I think that's exactly what I've been going through. I see so much fantastic art and photography being produced around me, and I wonder where I really fit into that, and if my dream of having an exhibition will ever come true... it can make you feel like what you're doing is of no consequence.

But, of course, it matters most when you connect with it. If other people do as well, then, that's a bonus I guess :) And one that we all strive for.

I've missed you, and your spirit - I hope you start posting more often :D How is life treating you anyway? (and if you're on the old Facebook, we should be friends hehe)

beverage22 · 2009-01-18: 14:08
May I ask -- what program do you use for your graphic design work?
thank you so much for all your comments! I use photoshop CS3.
????? · 2009-01-18: 10:18
????? You should come visit our lab sometime... I think you'd enjoy it! But if making the trek to arizona isn't on your horizon anytime soon, one of the world's greatest myrmecologists (ant scientist) is at FSU, Walter Tschinkel. Is fsu near your part of Florida?
cavicca · 2009-01-18: 02:55
These are fantastic! It seems you tend to like abstract shots... me too =) I love the last two in this set. Really well done! Most people don't see the art in angles like these.... I think they're wonderfully interesting.
thanks for the kind comments! Its funny you notice my abstract tendencies... im trying hard to diversify my eye but i keep coming back to angles and abstracts. hahahha oh well-
????? · 2009-01-18: 00:53
????? "The evolution of sociality.... What is it?"

Most life on the planet is solitary. That's slightly wrong to say of course... 'cause at least at one point in life for all animals (i.e. reproduction!) it's not going to be solitary... so there are interactions and inter-animal behaviors, but these are perhaps not-so-long-lasting connections. The really social organisms though, like ants, bees, termites, and us(!) have pretty dramatic life histories from the rest of the animals. There's reproductive division of labor (not everyone gets to have kids), cooperative brood care, and overlap of generations. As social organisms we can transmit information from one generation to the next (perhaps) more efficiently than solitary organisms.
Social animals are only ~2% of described animal species... but they're ecologically dominant! In terms of biomass, we/they rule the planet! So... how come? How does a 10-gram ant colony function differently than a 10-gram mouse?
????? · 2009-01-18: 00:06
????? yes, please, share them more often! they're beautiful! :-)

(I'm studing the evolution of sociality for my PhD in biology at Arizona State, and use ants in my research.)

I've played with a very similar lens before and had a difficult time getting those shots (macro from long distances). Were you using a tripod?
oakley · 2009-01-15: 02:19
oakley Thanks Amy!

Yes, I am happy to have you on my friend list.
I must tell you, your home page photo is very nice. You have a beautiful, natural smile.

Take care dear friend!
focussed · 2009-01-13: 06:15
Reply ⇔
The water splashing in the first image is so beautiful... amazing how sharp and perfect that photo is... !! Brilliant
hellooooooo..........thanks for your kindness as always
btw, i love hearing from you! always perks me up no end :)