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dogydad2 · 2015-06-17: 12:05
dogydad2 My pleasure!!!
marilynx · 2015-02-14: 09:24
marilynx I know - but I visited years ago!
marilynx · 2014-06-27: 18:00
marilynx Probably a bomb site - when ground is churned up dormant seeds are exposed to light, so germinate.
Annbramwell · 2014-01-06: 10:27
Annbramwell I see you have updated your avatar... it's nice to put a face to all the great photos after all this time!
Annbramwell · 2013-09-19: 10:31
Annbramwell You are right, I thought there were only the two... I will await your photos of the full set of 4...
marilynx · 2013-09-16: 17:47
marilynx Thanks - my husband couln't remember. He spent quite some time there way back.
marilynx · 2013-09-16: 12:05
marilynx Which is the old Customs house?
marilynx · 2013-09-15: 11:11
marilynx I have a fused spine and can't sit at the computer very long to post-process.
I forgot all about rapid fire! Never used it before - I will do so next time.
marilynx · 2013-09-15: 08:33
marilynx I think too many photos puts viewers off - it depends on whether the blog is for you or others.
marilynx · 2013-06-09: 15:29
marilynx I'm almost certain they do have a reverse gear actually.