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Annbramwell · 2014-01-06: 10:27
Annbramwell I see you have updated your avatar... it's nice to put a face to all the great photos after all this time!
Annbramwell · 2013-09-19: 10:31
Annbramwell You are right, I thought there were only the two... I will await your photos of the full set of 4...
marilynx · 2013-09-16: 17:47
marilynx Thanks - my husband couln't remember. He spent quite some time there way back.
marilynx · 2013-09-16: 12:05
marilynx Which is the old Customs house?
marilynx · 2013-09-15: 11:11
marilynx I have a fused spine and can't sit at the computer very long to post-process.
I forgot all about rapid fire! Never used it before - I will do so next time.
marilynx · 2013-09-15: 08:33
marilynx I think too many photos puts viewers off - it depends on whether the blog is for you or others.
marilynx · 2013-06-09: 15:29
marilynx I'm almost certain they do have a reverse gear actually.
marilynx · 2013-04-14: 12:22
marilynx I can only imagine ...
Annbramwell · 2013-02-15: 14:06
Annbramwell When I wrote that comment, I wondered if I should call it a Union Jack... but if you were on a boat too then it is one, isn't the rule that it can only be called a Union Jack if it is on board a boat otherwise it is a Union flag...
Annbramwell · 2012-09-10: 06:47
Annbramwell We saw the Vulcan once... we were on the way to St Neots on the A1 and it flew over the road just in front of us... magnificent plane! we very nearly crashed! Looking forward to seeing your pics... I bet they will be fab