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marilynx · 2014-02-15: 11:20
Absolutely gorgeous colours! Wonderful sunsets and you did a beautiful job of capturing them! Looking more and more like Spring....
Thanks - let's hope so!
lookagain · 2014-02-15: 11:18
Happy Valentine's my Kooky friend....lol
.....and to you, too, ArtBee... ;))
Annbramwell · 2014-02-05: 03:38
OK Ann ....I believe you.....wink wink
Great angle for the photos and the sky is so beautifully blue. It's nice to see a touch of summer. Thanks
always nice to see the blue sky... even if only in a photo!
finbarr · 2014-02-04: 18:10
Reply ⇔ Selfie
Great selfie Fin! You are a handsome fellow. I see you take good care of your animals. They seem to be very affectionate with you. Beautiful where you live...
Thank you for your kind comment !
finbarr · 2014-02-04: 18:08
Reply ⇔ Having fun
Awwww so adorable!
Thank you !!
Lsample · 2014-02-04: 18:02
Who gets to touch the shovel Larry? These are such beautiful snowy scenery photos, but I would prefer to see some sand and surf with a few palm trees right now....lol
Just shoveled. Have vicadin just in case.
tomie · 2014-01-16: 10:24
Cheers and a toast to friendship!
Cheers! :)
StillBill · 2014-01-13: 09:20
Absolutely breathtaking gorgeous set! Incredible captures!
Thank you !
HoneyBee2 · 2014-01-12: 01:05
The first one would make a great post card! Gorgeous place! Vancouver is beautiful and you did it justice with these shots. Very nice indeed!
Thanks for your nice comments!
HoneyBee2 · 2014-01-12: 00:57
Wonderful post and interesting where you walk too. Wise words....
Thank you for your kind words! Wishing you a wonderful week!