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HoneyBee2 · 2014-01-12: 01:05
The first one would make a great post card! Gorgeous place! Vancouver is beautiful and you did it justice with these shots. Very nice indeed!
Thanks for your nice comments!
HoneyBee2 · 2014-01-12: 00:57
Wonderful post and interesting where you walk too. Wise words....
Thank you for your kind words! Wishing you a wonderful week!
HoneyBee2 · 2014-01-12: 00:51
Beautiful picture perfect poetic close to 2013. Fish pie....now that sounds delightful!
Thanks for your kind words!
leanderthal · 2014-01-10: 13:49
leanderthal I'm told it's best to express my thanks this way, in case you didn't see them. I appreciate your comments!
Yokai · 2014-01-09: 23:07
Reply ⇔ model : Ayane
She certainly is a lovely little lady with sad eyes....Great portraits!
Thank you so much ! She will be glad to read your message !
Yokai · 2014-01-09: 23:02
Why....you're doing great work right now Yokai! Being 13 again is for....ahhh... 13 year olds...
Just a bit of ArtBee funny :)
Ahaha, thanks for your enjoyable comment !
leanderthal · 2014-01-09: 16:44
Reply ⇔ Good bye
What a wonderful sunset! Great colours and silhouetts....
thank you, ArtBee :)
Pi314 · 2014-01-09: 09:40
Reply ⇔ Variations
again....wonderful effect in number two
Thanks for this comment and the others ...
Pi314 · 2014-01-09: 09:38
Reply ⇔ Bleu
Good luck with your resolution....until pi-day!
Cool Bleu!
Will be hard ... French people are turtuous minds ...
One of my friends talk about another PiDay on July 22th (for the approximative value of 22/7 for the number Pi)
That will cost another bottle .
Pi314 · 2014-01-09: 09:29
Reply ⇔ Energie
Great things can happen ....in the dark
Sure ... but internet does not go with candles nor kerosene ...