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lookagain · 2014-03-11: 13:24
Beautiful! Thanks for the boost and the hug Marsha....:)
Oh....you're welcome, ArtBee! :))
asiamack · 2014-03-11: 04:47
What a perplexing situation and a very sad one for the families of the missing. I pray all will be found alive and well....
Thanks for your prayer, my friend. I'm sure they appreciate it.
MoMac · 2014-03-10: 11:58
MoMac BTW it's in the first photo top lefthand corner, a sort of jeep I think.
MoMac · 2014-03-10: 11:54
MoMac Well what my teacher suggestes is for you to move till it is out of the scene!!!!
Not always possible though is it?
MoMac · 2014-03-10: 11:46
Reply ⇔ tree and pots
What a wonderful Spring festival and you captured it beautifully!
It's the local carnival , thanks.
marilynx · 2014-03-10: 09:07
marilynx Yikes - it's splendid here, all the crocuses and daffs are out!
MoMac · 2014-03-10: 08:54
Absolutely gorgeous sunset! The last one is wonderful!
Thanks very much.
marilynx · 2014-03-10: 08:54
That's a wonderful work of art Marilyn, very nice indeed! I'll bet if you had said the bird was a hummingbird you would have had a different response...lol Beautiful colours!
Thanks so much - the encouragement is great here on P.B.
djnana · 2014-03-10: 08:49
The last one is lovely and serene, looks inviting.... Have you been to Bonita Springs?
If we have, AB, I don't remember. But we go through one town after another and they all look the same. I'll locate it on a map and see... Thanks for the visit.
djnana · 2014-03-07: 08:49
Oh it's magical just to see a place where there's no snow and the trees in bloom! These are great shots Brenda, really captures Disney World's appeal....
Thanks, AB - hopefully, we'll all be digging out of winter before long!