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CHOSSID · 2014-03-07: 08:08
CHOSSID Thank you!!!
marilynx · 2014-03-07: 08:07
These are amazing captures Marilyn! I would have never got to see a stork in the natural otherwise....thanks for sharing these!
Thanks so much - hope to see their chicks later in the season
Eiram · 2014-02-24: 17:39
Eiram I don´t remember such a mild winter like this...it is almost scary:)
finbarr · 2014-02-24: 17:32
Reply ⇔ Spring flowers
Oh so nice to see something Spring! These are beautiful Fin!
Thank you !
lookagain · 2014-02-24: 16:59
lookagain Indeed I have learned a lot about Canada from you, and my other dear PB friends from the GWN. Honestly, can't remember knowing any Canadians before I joined PB and my life has become richer because of it...I mean that. Enough serious stuff.....HEY, do you all play HOCKEY up there??? Just kiddin' - congrats on hockey GOLD! :)))
marilynx · 2014-02-24: 10:45
These are gorgeous Marilyn! Oh how nice it is to see a lake that is water and not ice... Your Swan looks like my "King"
Swans have peculiar personalities don' t they.....
Indeed they do!
Annbramwell · 2014-02-24: 03:31
Annbramwell Thanks Artbee, Our Friend lives in Erie PA, I didn't know that there was more than one place called Erie... are they both on Lake Erie?
renatomartins · 2014-02-17: 17:57
Wonderful closeup shot and very green indeed! Well Done!
Thank you
marilynx · 2014-02-15: 11:20
Absolutely gorgeous colours! Wonderful sunsets and you did a beautiful job of capturing them! Looking more and more like Spring....
Thanks - let's hope so!
lookagain · 2014-02-15: 11:18
Happy Valentine's my Kooky friend....lol
.....and to you, too, ArtBee... ;))