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The Comeback Artist

Taken during a rehearsal for his upcoming special showcase on 18 January
The musicians involved in the recording and the special showcase on 18 January
I was invited to session for Maman's latest solo album, entitled 'Taqwa', which is due to be released in March this year.

I played the acoustic guitar, bass & oud on some songs in this album.

Besides that, I also did a photoshoot for him, photos of which are to be used for the album sleeve & inlay designs.

Quick reference: Maman was the singer for a now-defunct band called 'Teacher's Pet', which consisted some of Singapore's best musicians at that time (i.e. early 90s). In my opinion, they were a musicians' band, equivalent to the American band 'Mr. Big'.
They had a song called 'Warisan Wanita Terakhir' which is still requested on some radio stations.
Please do click here for more information about the man himself.

There will be a special showcase by him, backed by an all-acoustic band ('yours truly' included), tomorrow at the Singapore Expo Hall 6. He is scheduled to perform around 5pm.

Do come down if you can & give your support!
Juriah Mosin Beautiful outdoor shoot Azrin. Soft and diffused .
Juriah Mosin · 2009-01-17: 03:43
Azrin Thank you very much Juriah!
Coming from a pro like you, my first reaction was like 'Woah'!
Azrin · 2009-01-17: 05:48
shady87 it looks how true artist ;)
shady87 · 2009-01-17: 08:13
OutOfReach Beautiful shots!
OutOfReach · 2009-01-17: 08:43
lynnsgallery2 AMAZINGLY BEAUTIUFUL!!! Before I even read the story...I said WOW these should be on the cover of the album they are that good. My favs #2 & #5 for perfect composition, #6 great perspective, #10 what a fantastic door. CONGRATS!!!
lynnsgallery2 · 2009-01-17: 08:53
lookagain You did a fantastic job on these, Azrin! All of them are wonderful, but I really like the creativity on #s 2, 6, and 10! Well done!
lookagain · 2009-01-17: 10:20
betsymurphy I wish I could come!
This is an AWESOME set, he will be so pleased to have these photos on his album. I too, thought these should be on an album!
Great job!!!
betsymurphy · 2009-01-17: 10:27
hitokirisama Cantik lah bro..boleh terus buat cover album nie..he..he.. :)
hitokirisama · 2009-01-17: 10:37
????? Excellent portraits, VERY well done!!~ (I like the feet!) R
????? · 2009-01-17: 11:30
worldthrumylens great set! love 2,9 and 10.
worldthrumylens · 2009-01-17: 11:36
shiqin I was going thru the picture thinking this oughta be in one of the album sleeves that you get to work on, and boy was I right! They're perfect and you did a great job Azrin. I have to say that by looking at this it reflects greatly of you as a musician/designer/photographer... I really like this set a lot.

shiqin · 2009-01-17: 12:44
almitra Wonderful! No. 2 is the best, it can be a CD cover!
almitra · 2009-01-17: 13:09
mireia Unos retratos magníficos, sobre todo los primeros, y en especial la toma la 6, me parece una imagen muy bonita
mireia · 2009-01-17: 15:17
Chete I agree, #2 can be a CD cover, but #9 is my favorite
Chete · 2009-01-17: 16:22
agaga An amazing post! So neat!!!
agaga · 2009-01-17: 18:25
vishnudattan great angles.. great composition..
vishnudattan · 2009-01-17: 19:03
LotoFoto These are great shots.
How fun to do a music-related photoshoot :)
LotoFoto · 2009-01-17: 22:17
vishnudattan so today's the D-day! hope it went well. All the very best to him and the group :) do post snaps of the performance!
vishnudattan · 2009-01-18: 03:28
nathaliedelmas Trés beau travail, très belles photos! J'aime tout particulièrement la 2 qui ressemble à la photo d'un album, ainsi que la 8, 9 et 10.
nathaliedelmas · 2009-01-18: 09:30
asylum666 wahh....MAMAN!

btw,set yg menarik bro!
asylum666 · 2009-01-18: 14:52
maman 01 thanks to azrin.....good job bro....any thanks for those who comment...hope my music will heal you within like it heal mine....
maman 01 · 2009-01-19: 03:28
Maman TAQWA 01 thanks to azrin.....good job bro....many thanks for those who comment...hope my music will heal you within like it heals mine.... MAMAN..TAQWA to listen to my old video at
Maman TAQWA 01 · 2009-01-19: 03:35

Haha.. no problem bro..
It's been a pleasure working with you & an honour to be able to make a small contribution in the production of your upcoming album!
Azrin · 2009-01-19: 13:15
photogp Amazing set and great composition, I really love #4 &9 !!
photogp · 2009-01-20: 01:36
Saeedeh Excellent set..:)
Saeedeh · 2009-01-20: 09:46
skakanka Great set!!!
skakanka · 2009-01-20: 10:12
mouette Wonderful musical set and great shots !
mouette · 2009-01-20: 12:08
munawwirkhan seriously entry berseni
munawwirkhan · 2009-01-20: 23:05
nazagirl beautiful shots!!!!! i love the light in these picts!
nazagirl · 2009-01-21: 15:38
DirtyTricks all i can say is Beautiful!!!! Really nicely done!
DirtyTricks · 2009-01-23: 12:11
kormoran Jaime beaucoup la#10
kormoran · 2009-02-08: 09:40
Bergur #6 and #10 are just brilliant. But I got to say #2 is perfect, by far my favorite!
Bergur · 2009-02-10: 15:55
izabell what a great set!!! the light is amazing!!! #2, 6 and 9 are beautiful!!!
izabell · 2009-02-20: 13:48
kusha great pictures azrin! congratulation on the good job! i just met him yesterday at restoran kampong glam...
kusha · 2009-03-02: 22:36
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