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The Lacaille 8760 Affair:: Day 1

Hello and Welcome.

First, some explanation. One lazy Sunday afternoon at home (today) my boyfriend Nick was surfing the internet and found a man in Syracuse, New York who had created a 365 day picture blog on I felt this was a genius idea and took immediate action by making it my New Years Resolution to do the same.

Upon the decision to undertake this daily slice of creativity, I felt the need to concoct a more attractive title for my project than simply "Project 365". After many trial names, some help from Nick, Mr. Internet and about an hour spent trying to be a cunning linguist, I firmly concluded that "The Lacaille 8760 Affair" would suit me just fine.

In case you don't know what the heck that means, and you've continued reading without looking it up, let me give you the synopsis. Lacaille 8760 is the name of a red dwarf star discovered in 1763 by a French Astronomer named of course, Lacaille. It was later declared to be a 'flare star' meaning that it erupts once per day, hence 8760, the number of hours in a year (24hrs a day. 365 days a year.). This, in combination with my original intention of going with something literary and reminiscent of 'Fahrenheit 451', I deemed the perfect idea.

I, like Lacaille 8760, will henceforth, creatively erupt once a day for 365 days, for your veiwing pleasure. I hope that you all enjoy this hurrah and I thank you for tuning in.


There always seems to be something laying around, making me crazy, but today's small form of disarray inspired me. The plug to my computer speakers, basking in an afternoon sliver of light on the shag carpet commences my 365 day journey. Enjoy.


Breezer M.
jendayee Welcome ! and shine everyday ! :)
jendayee · 2008-01-23: 20:37
vollenda Welcome to photoblog!
vollenda · 2008-01-24: 01:16
Cabecilha wonderful name and the starting photo is a cool choice :)
Cabecilha · 2008-01-24: 10:11
pucaru welcom to photoblog and I belooking for more photos soon :-)
pucaru · 2008-01-24: 13:35
telam You certainly have a way with words. I can say, the same for your photos as well.
telam · 2008-01-24: 15:05
????? Good luck with the project - great idea - keep going !
????? · 2008-01-25: 13:16
dweiskir Nice macro. The focus is off a little, but it has such great colors. And yes, I read your explanation without googling it. I like your creativity with your title.

Welcome to photoblog. :-)
dweiskir · 2008-01-26: 01:20
ncshutterbug Welcome to the project! Love your name for it, and love this shot. Very original - both of them!
ncshutterbug · 2008-01-26: 07:55
ambersunsets Cool photo. I'm a latecomer to the Project, too. Love your title!
ambersunsets · 2008-01-26: 18:16
veganess I look forward to tuning in every day.
veganess · 2008-01-27: 18:13
PaperWings Hey, I really didnt know (until now) what your title meant. I looked back in time to see, and of course, you did explain it!
Very cool, my friend, as I have come to expect from you! :)
PaperWings · 2008-02-20: 15:06
mintra Interesting.
mintra · 2008-03-01: 14:58
ironswallow Cool!
ironswallow · 2008-03-08: 21:52
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