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QUIZ 2 - what is there beyond the obvious... with this guy?

this is the gentleman under scrutiny!

You may recognize HIM!

Then, you may remember WHAT he does!

But the question is: what ELSE does he do that is not common knowledge?

Q2? Q2? Q2? Q2? Q2? Q2? Q2? Q2? Q2? Q2? Q2? Q2? Q2? Q2? Q2? Q2? Q2? Q2? Q2?
MidsummerSilence sly stallone! but I don't know what else he does....

but #2 - makes me think dirty evil thoughts not really pertinent to this quiz! do you have to slide a photo that can be easily misinterpreted into every set?! heheheh it's fantastic to see how everyone thinks... whether similarly or differently! :)

nice set!
MidsummerSilence · 2007-06-11: 12:03
SilkeHoltmann Stallone doesn`t make nothing at all -
he`s a WAXWORK!!!
SilkeHoltmann · 2007-06-11: 12:41
blur911 Sly Stallone, painter/art collector, some of his paintings aren't half bad, believe it or not.
blur911 · 2007-06-11: 12:45
CityOnFire yup... his work sells for quite a price too...
CityOnFire · 2007-06-11: 13:16
Evvita young Sly (Stallone) - it's a quite old pic, because he looks different now
Evvita · 2007-06-11: 13:34
carmitage Stallone a few years ago. Something to do with art,
does he paint ?
carmitage · 2007-06-11: 13:37
CaptureAMoment Stallone of course
CaptureAMoment · 2007-06-11: 13:44
MidsummerSilence Is Mr. C - Stallone in disguise?!
MidsummerSilence · 2007-06-11: 14:29
Cabecilha ah ah ah ah ah ah
I was on the other side of the camera!!!
Cabecilha · 2007-06-11: 14:34
????? Stallone
probaly his art exhibition.
beside the actor, i guess he is an artist too.
????? · 2007-06-11: 15:09
????? or he just go there to look at other people art:D
????? · 2007-06-11: 15:10
funnyfac3 an art collector????
funnyfac3 · 2007-06-11: 15:20
SheriJ I believe he is an artist? Not sure I don't watch T.V. or know too much about Hollywood. It is as plastic as it comes..Not hung up on who is who and who does what in Phony wood..
SheriJ · 2007-06-11: 15:38
ebbandflow o lol :) omg- I have no idea! :)
ebbandflow · 2007-06-11: 15:41
mugsycat Doesn't he smuggle HGH?
mugsycat · 2007-06-11: 15:44
Soyam he works on auctions of arts :-))))

Soyam · 2007-06-11: 15:49
mikezupan that looks like him minus around 15-20 years.. In his last movie he looks like he has no neck
mikezupan · 2007-06-11: 16:07
stormfish this is not sylvester stallone. this is GEORGE BUSH disguised as arnold schwarzenegger before he gave up on his diet.

c'on, this is a proud member of the flipado team... he won't put up no a&%ç of some f&%/ng art gallery in his photoblog without drawing a red herring across the track!
stormfish · 2007-06-11: 16:10
minie é aquele senhor do box hihihihi
minie · 2007-06-11: 17:00
scientik Silvester Stallone ... :)
scientik · 2007-06-11: 17:04
sandmoon he paints...
sandmoon · 2007-06-11: 17:07
rmjannette a clone of stallone selling art.
rmjannette · 2007-06-11: 17:53
jendayee Stallone is a Bachelors of Fine Arts since 1999
jendayee · 2007-06-11: 18:27
Sevendipity Sly is going to run for Governor of California when Arnie gives up. Whoah, that is only a rumour! He is rally a patron of the arts.
Sevendipity · 2007-06-11: 18:59
pixkid I haven't the faintest idea... kids don't know this stuff!!! =P
pixkid · 2007-06-11: 19:42
emmetan He gives advice on art &antiques collecting, art investing, art valuations... which I not a common knowledge... : )
emmetan · 2007-06-11: 20:04
FBismark This guy is Stalone, does he paint? or maybe is the owner or photoblog?? lol, regards,

FBismark · 2007-06-11: 20:19
????? ADRIAN!
????? · 2007-06-11: 22:07
sloganmurugan Stallone is the only man with a perfect larynx but still trying to speak coherently at 87?
sloganmurugan · 2007-06-11: 22:18
Abigail Is he a secret lemonade drinker?

Never been a Stallone fan I'm afraid.
Abigail · 2007-06-12: 04:02
????? I am your worst nightmare!!!!!!!!! Yeah he's an artist as well as an actor/director/writer. I think he started painting back in the Rambo II or III days. But I'm not sure. Cool photo man.
????? · 2007-06-12: 04:19
Freyja Don't know...
Freyja · 2007-06-12: 04:54
shammin who is that woman holding his hand?
shammin · 2007-06-12: 05:28
Mabi938 Sometimes, knowledge people need to show another side of their life...??
Mabi938 · 2007-06-12: 05:40
fivewilsons Would have guessed artist too.
fivewilsons · 2007-06-12: 05:56
LisetteT Sylvester a rajeuni. :)
LisetteT · 2007-06-12: 08:17
Tonyaliang Stallone of course, but i have no idea what else~
Tonyaliang · 2007-06-12: 10:32
Cabecilha SHAMMIN!!! :)
at last someone with a keen eye for artistic BEAUTY... and I was waiting for this chance: as far as I remember, her name is Jennifer Flavin and she was Sly's girl back then :)
Cabecilha · 2007-06-12: 10:37
tgmanjunath Sylvester Stallone ....... and its a wax figure...
tgmanjunath · 2007-06-12: 11:49
Rasadesign oooooh.......Don`t ask me this question.
My IQ is as same as a bean.
forgive me.
but nice pic.
Rasadesign · 2007-06-12: 14:06
anika80 Most probable, he's selling someone else's art! hehe
anika80 · 2007-06-12: 18:46
AnaLucie Maybe I do.
AnaLucie · 2007-06-12: 18:49
SIMages he's an exhibitionist...i mean, an exhibiting artist as well! ;)
SIMages · 2007-06-13: 01:24
Cabecilha this is so much fun!!! The Flipados Team are mad and incredibly jealous because they claim to be THE FUN BLOG... but this time the fun blog is here!! :)

And that is, of course, thanks to ALL YOU WONDERFUL BLOGGERS who made comments here!

I thought this was going to be another SERIOUS QUIZ like the one a organized in March... but it seems that mister Sly does bring out the best in people!

So, you guys understand if I delay the answer to the quiz a bit more because your comments are much MORE IMPORTANT!! :)
Cabecilha · 2007-06-13: 07:23
????? Sim, eu sei quen e, uma pessoa muito doido; Adriaaaan, Adrrrriiiiiiiaaaaaannnnnnn!!!! Vai longe S.S ;-)
????? · 2007-06-13: 08:12
miclaud Stallone!!! But I really don't know what he was doing there.... maybe buying something VERY expansive????
miclaud · 2007-06-13: 16:05
rock1angel omg, I really didn't know what else could it be =)

my computer crashed so I couldn't be online =(

hi after a while =)
rock1angel · 2007-06-20: 13:22
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