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Maureen DoRego
Joined July 25th, 2010

I love decorating cakes. I specialize in custom/specialty cakes. Whatever you need, I'll make it happen : ) Everything you see on these cakes are handmade, hand painted and hand crafted. These cake really do taste as good as they look. Since most of my creations are made specifically for that particular client's needs, prices for a specialty cake can vary greatly according to the intricacy of your design and effort invested in its contraction. If you're looking for a price you can email me at with the number of servings you'll need and a detailed description of your cake. Because each cake is custom designed and created, I can only accommodate a limited number of cakes each week. It's highly recommended that you place your order as early as possible. At least 3 weeks notice is requested, Wedding cakes six months.


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thekeyislooking · 2012-10-31: 15:25
thekeyislooking I LOVE CAKES! :)
????? · 2011-07-25: 09:17
????? cool :)
CakesByMaureen · 2011-01-26: 07:58
CakesByMaureen Maureen's cakes & cupcakes are great!!!!!!!! Bev