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Bowling Bonanza!!

the pro taunting me! ;_;
look at that bowling ball go straight for the front pin!!
Ambar's gonna break! =P just kidding! (she's purdy good)
our first game scores
Exibit A! Ambar caught in the act of stealing from Vanessa's bag!!
The result: she got away with nothing because Vanessa didn't have what she was looking for! XD
ok, well this actually happened last night

Vanessa is leaving this Sunday and i figured we should go watch a movie or have dinner.
But i don't know how in the end it became: BOWLING!

i've bowled twice in my life before.
the first time i was 15 or so.
the second time was a short game with Lee when the bowling alley was new... about a year in a half ago...
neither times have i been good

so, as we began to bowl, Vanessa shows us her skillz as she gets scores up to 103 (which i have never gotten near to)
then again, she cheated, cuz she always bowls!!
but then AGAIN, we all used the bumpers. not a gutter ball in sight!
my real competition last night, was Ambar.
We were about equally matched and the first game around i beat her.
But we really didn't get competitive until the second game, where we were "trash-talking" (which wasn't more than a "what?" and "that's right" kinda words with attitude than what "trash-talk" actually includes)
in the end, Ambar won by 10 points and i figured i don't have to prove myself to her ANYWAYS.
So, we decided to head for Pizza Hut and ended up spending like 10 minutes in the parking lot just talking.
When we did finally get to Pizza Hut, only Ambar was really hungry for Chicken Alfredo pasta (that i had never tried but after i did, i LOVED it).
Then we'd go for some ice-cream at Sonic, but then decided Dairy Queen would be way less infested with preteens in the sitting area (lol they don't have cars).
We were there talking about computer viruses, eating our cones and blizzards when it turned 10pm.
I realized that it wouldn't be so good an idea to stay out so late without the official permission of staying out late of my parents, so we left Dairy Queen.
Yet again in the parking lot we started talking. Oh it was so much fun talking! Especially because the topics never stopped coming. Vanessa has a gift to keep a conversation going that i will never have. Ambar has a way of making everything so captivating with her input.

The talk ended around 10.20 when i decided i better rush home before i get scorned at. I arrived at 10.35 (after dropping vanessa off) in the driveway and my mom called my cell-phone to check where i could possibly be! =P

This get-together is something i will cherish for a long time. Thanks to Vanessa and Ambar.

oh wait! this was a farewell get-together for Vanessa! it wasn't particularly for me!! =P
Don't forget to check the photoblog, Vanessa!!
yessi222 I AM MAD!!!

My curfew was STRICTLY 10:30 until I was freakin 20!!! ughhhhhhh I'm talking like, dad standing at the front door at 10:29 with a stopwatch!

No, I don't like where this is going.

Today, you're staying out waaayyy too late. Next, you get all comfortable with the nightlife and before you know it, you're running underground ultimate cage wresting matches all night!!! Lydia, what about your FUTURE?! Think long and hard before you get home at 10:35 again, missy!!!

LOL I'm totally kidding. Have fun. I'm glad the parents cancelled their subscription to "Ruin Your Kids' Social Life Weekly"
yessi222 · 2008-08-22: 11:14
HeWoH? see i am checking it, i didn't need the bumpers!!!! I just didnt want to make you guys feel bad!
HeWoH? · 2008-08-23: 11:48
????? Awww!!!
If, by chance, you DO start running underground ultimate cage wrestling matches at night, can I make a wager??
Papa needs a new pair of shoes.
You think I'm kidding, but college life is EXPENSIVE!!!
????? · 2008-08-23: 22:56
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