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Love in the City

The couple just sat infront of me and i saw a opportunity for such a shot! HDR was applied so u will see some blurring. Should have use a bigger aperture for better DOF! Wasted but still a wonderful sky! Now i've adjusted the Horizon and Blurring of humans! So how u guys think of it?
mystic1 I still love the image
mystic1 · 2008-08-19: 04:43
????? I want to be there! ;) sky is great.. and this water & city with it :) I can only imagine what it will be like when I walk there.. <dreamer>
????? · 2008-08-19: 05:07
gikiphoto Amazing!! I love this pic!
gikiphoto · 2008-08-19: 06:33
helgipjetur Great shot... the blurring just adds a cool vibe to the picture... I like it...
helgipjetur · 2008-08-19: 08:09
annettew this pic really speaks to me! nice.
annettew · 2008-08-19: 08:31
smpalm great shot, like the rest...
to my eyes in should be rotated to right a bit, I'm not sure about the horizon line.
well done
smpalm · 2008-08-19: 12:33
yelwinoo to be honest, i love the way it is... leave it original and untouched...
yelwinoo · 2008-08-19: 12:47
ofwordsandphotos very sweet.
ofwordsandphotos · 2008-08-19: 13:22
Tats25 I really like this!
Tats25 · 2008-08-19: 13:28
chrisra Definetely not junk... Love the colors, the composition and the sky is just amazing... The "ghosts" of the couple in the middle doesn´s ruin the pic at all. It is actually pretty cool, I think. The "ghost" of the guy in the right side bothers my eye a little. Would probably try to remove it with the clone-tool or crop it a little so he is taken out of the pic. Overall a beautiful photo...
chrisra · 2008-08-19: 16:45
RodolpheDeus What a superb post. Your city is fascinating and this place gathers so many incredible pieces of architecture. I really love the light on the lion and the opera. My advice is that you should first straighten the horizon and you should also remove that blur especially as it is an HDR.
RodolpheDeus · 2008-08-19: 19:42
leocheung Great dynamic range and a wonderful sky.
A wider angle would be much better. Now, the people on both sides are cut partly which is bit not perfect.
leocheung · 2008-08-20: 11:33
marcinescu i imagine how it would look like if you wuld set very long time of exposure, mayby with gray filter
marcinescu · 2008-08-20: 14:42
chrisra Looks great like this... Love it :-)
chrisra · 2008-08-21: 05:17
tricky Great shot, superb
tricky · 2008-08-21: 11:40
Tigerlily Its not easy to do HDR with moving objects but the ghost can always be cloned to get a neater image. But still, kudos to you! Great capture.
Tigerlily · 2008-08-22: 21:28
skakanka awesome ^^
skakanka · 2008-08-23: 09:12
AyahAye Another great shot mate!!!
AyahAye · 2008-08-25: 07:58
myhaylab very sharp....i like it
myhaylab · 2008-09-03: 03:19
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