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Shanghai 12th Jan 2009 Part 2

I would call this the Sunset Series. After visiting the last plant while on my way back to my hotel the sunset is mesmerizing. Smooth, Gold and Soft. Everything it shines on just seem so nice.

#1 - This was taken in a moving car and somehow this composition works. Luckily the shutter was fast enough to freeze all the movement. Consider myself lucky to have this shot.

#2 - I am at the hotel lobby checking in, I can't help to notice the desk golden shine and the reflection. The hotel i am staying in is called Jinjiang Inn. A 3 star hotel but A 5 star service. Its cheap and economical for travellers.

#3 - When i open the door of my hotel room i was greeted by this beautiful sight. I can't stop thinking about how beautiful it was. Some of the breath taking moments in life. The sun at the horizon is just breath taking. A view like this is hard to come by.

#4 - After checking in, i grab my gears out and started shooting on the streets. Somehow this combination of sunset and the streets is the first i've done. I've never thought it could be so addictive and beautiful.

#5 - This shot should be in #2 but photoblog kinda mixed up my squence. Well this was taken in the car as well. The cyclist makes this photo even more interesting. I quite like this shot. To me it represent the life of the shanghainese. The sun and the rider makes the perfect match.

I am open to comments.

Your harsh comment is my best mentor.
betsymurphy Nothing harsh about this set!
betsymurphy · 2009-02-07: 12:00
agaga Love these shots!
agaga · 2009-02-07: 14:33
mystic1 Vert cool sunset shots
mystic1 · 2009-02-07: 14:49
misssunshine29 i really like the colour of the sunset!
misssunshine29 · 2009-02-07: 18:06
sistatitoune The last one is very beautiful !!!
i like the tone and the atmospere !!!
sistatitoune · 2009-02-07: 18:22
ppinho Great set! The light is amazing, namely in the nr. 2 and 4! :)
ppinho · 2009-02-07: 20:47
Aghdam My favs is #1
Great shots
Aghdam · 2009-02-08: 11:12
onlymehdi great sunset
onlymehdi · 2009-02-08: 12:48
asiamack wonderful shots of beautiful shanghai.
i share your description in #3 as i never miss shooting through the hotel windows; first daylight, sunrise, sunset and night.
thanks for sharing
asiamack · 2009-02-09: 02:49
Azrin Hey bro...
Guess we don't really need to be too technical.. Most of us here just wanna enjoy what you share with us.. I've seen through your Shanghai trip photos... Great stuff. Appreciate that you share it with us...
Remember... It's your blog! Not like that Clubsn*p website!
Azrin · 2009-02-09: 12:30
slawecki very good
slawecki · 2009-02-10: 12:01
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