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Miracle called Johanka

my niece Irena is happy now, she was very brave during the whole difficult time
with her mom:)
This is baby Johana. I guess you remember how seriously ill she was, some of you prayed for her, some of you sent your good wishes and good thoughts.
We were grateful for any help we got.Thank you !
So this is Johanka today:)
She is sweet and cute as can be, she is a very happy baby, curious about the world, that is waiting for her.
Miracles happen.
NellyBly Love #1, 3 and the beautiful last one..yes, miracles happen every day!
NellyBly · 2011-10-22: 16:25
????? Marie makes me very happy that everything has gone well ...
welcome miracle.
All my love for that little girl from here.
Fantastic Post ...
????? · 2011-10-22: 16:39
danrav Yeah!!! It is odd, I was thinking about her last evening, wondering how she is doing!!! She is so beautiful and yes miracles do happen!
danrav · 2011-10-22: 16:46
????? So happy for you all! I felt she would be well! Miracles definitely happen!
????? · 2011-10-22: 16:56
helys Life is a miracle
Life is beautiful
Life is God's love for us
Alleluya - Amen
Congrats on sweet Johanka
All my best wishes to this lovely baby
and her parents
helys · 2011-10-22: 17:02
finbarr A beautiful little Miracle baby !
finbarr · 2011-10-22: 17:55
girafferacing Ahh, she looks a real sweetie! I'm so pleased your miracle happened :-)
girafferacing · 2011-10-22: 18:02
Unchained Oh, so good to know that everything came to a good end. She is a tough girl, a fighter!
Unchained · 2011-10-22: 18:50
MelanieO Such good news! So glad that she's doing well.
MelanieO · 2011-10-22: 18:57
LisaMarieGeorge I am so happy for that beautiful mom and Johanka, This is amazing, Thank you so much to share those picture with us.
LisaMarieGeorge · 2011-10-22: 19:09
HoosierAtHeART Very sweet!
HoosierAtHeART · 2011-10-22: 20:04
lookwhatisaw So pleased to now that all is well there in your family and the baby and mother are well. They look QUITE well :-)
lookwhatisaw · 2011-10-22: 20:37
Davorka Great news! Each of these images is a special and wonderful in its own way, very nicely captured!
Davorka · 2011-10-23: 03:51
ArtBee What a beautiful little miracle she is too! I'm so happy Johanka is doing well and that big smile on her Momma'a face says it all!
Thank you so very much Marie for posting these wonderful photographs!
ArtBee · 2011-10-23: 09:26
shanethomas Brought a huge smile to my face Marie. delighted.
shanethomas · 2011-10-23: 11:53
BeatleGreg Beautiful post! Yes miracles do happen every day!

BeatleGreg · 2011-10-23: 12:05
honzicek ...zatim s kratkejma nohama, ale docela to ujde....hahaha!
Diky za update. Jsme radi ze se Johance dobre vede!
honzicek · 2011-10-23: 12:22
Contesina Many happy years together!
Contesina · 2011-10-23: 12:34
okami Thank you for sharing this follow-up with us, Maria :) Glad to see the baby doing fine. She's got so much hair, such a lovely girl :)
okami · 2011-10-24: 02:41
Ryana I'm so happy to see her!!!
Thanks for sharing these ! X
Ryana · 2011-10-24: 14:56
pandka So lovely!
pandka · 2011-10-25: 15:42
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