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harsh words spoken
behind my back...of course
but counting on that someone will tell me
the intent to hurt me
so easy to hurt with words
so easy...
unprepared for this
always expect the best in people
think the best of them
this is how I live
there is a price to pay
hurting now
but would not want it any other way

there is no place for hate in my heart
finbarr I am so sorry to hear ,
finbarr · 2012-03-14: 18:19
jennyLit oh no!!! it's always so hurtful especially if its someone you trusted :( HUGS HUGS HUGS!!
jennyLit · 2012-03-14: 18:53
JustmeG Betrayal can be overwhelming when someone we trust does things that deeply hurt us....I can truly sympethize with the narrative above and it does help when one is a very understanding person... love and light to you!! :)))
JustmeG · 2012-03-14: 19:53
liveandletlive ((((Marie))))))
I am sorry someone hurt you.
liveandletlive · 2012-03-14: 22:17
mallusatish I am so sorry to hear this,I Think they might be talking about the great food you make~!~
mallusatish · 2012-03-14: 23:26
????? Hey, spring is almost here! .....just changing the subject.....
????? · 2012-03-14: 23:46
lookwhatisaw powerful. and well photographed for those words. I look forward to the blossoms on your trees :-)
lookwhatisaw · 2012-03-15: 02:08
mazpics Great shot; I love the perspective...makes the trees look so imposing!
mazpics · 2012-03-15: 04:59
nynkeb Wonderful image with these words.. Warm hugs for you dear Marie!!!!!!!
nynkeb · 2012-03-15: 08:35
Ryana Marie, stay as you are ... do not ever let hate in to your heart. You are such gem!!!

(((Big hug to you)))

Beautiful image, just the pefrect way to look, right up! xox
Ryana · 2012-03-15: 13:45
CHOSSID I'm sorry Marie! I sure hope it wasn't here on PB! I hope, like with Dan's story, in the morning it will have passed! Having been there though, I know how much it hurts! Keep on looking up!
CHOSSID · 2012-03-15: 15:19
caroleagle Oh I feel for you. It's hard and though having no room for hate is good it makes it even harder I think. I have sometimes longed to be able to hate when I'm hurt. Especially by unkindness. a big big big hug to you. Beautiful picture by the way and your words are beautifully written too. Went straight to my heart.
caroleagle · 2012-03-16: 10:40
Unchained I don't know what is happening but here in Portugal we say: the dogs bark but the caravan passes anyway.
Wonderful shot.
Unchained · 2012-03-16: 19:55
BeatleGreg Marie, I am sorry to hear someone has hurt you. I can't imagine why anyone would say ANYTHING not nice about you!
BeatleGreg · 2012-03-17: 01:17
gonia very nice,I know this proverb written by Christa - we say the same...
gonia · 2012-03-17: 16:37
helys Great angle
Fits well your words
helys · 2012-03-18: 11:50
pandka Lovely...
pandka · 2012-03-19: 09:34
nataliemanco your words are beautifully spoken...if there is any consolation in that.
Hope this is in the past by now and you feel better...
nataliemanco · 2012-03-20: 16:24
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