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Waiting room in my doctor´s office. I hate waiting in gereral - I am not the most patient patient in the world. But waiting in the waiting room is on the very top of my pleasedon´tmakeme lists. This shot is an act of pure desperation. I was waiting for 10 minutes there already, pacing the room like a lunatic:) Grabbing my camera seemed like the only reasonable thing to do....
danrav Your photograph really conveys the uncomfortable feeling of waiting - especially in a doctors's office. You shoould frame some of you beautiful pictures of Prague and have the Doctor display them in the waiting room. It would really make a more pleasant wait! I hope it was a good visit Czech Woman!
danrav · 2012-04-15: 06:00
caroleagle ugh! yes well captured. Makes me uncomfortable just looking at it. Excellent idea of Dan's! Plenty of room for Photographs on those hideous peach walls. UUUGGHH! Strip lights.. even worse. bet those chairs are uncomfortable too.
I took lots and lots of pictures once at family birthday (not my family) where I was almost dying of boredom and uncomfortableness. I didn't know many people. Hated it. But once I started snapping I had a great time. The photo's in the link are pre iPhone phone shots edited rather wildly now I think on my computer. I was so waiting for iPhone apps to exist!
caroleagle · 2012-04-15: 07:00
Francesc21 Realy it's a waiting place...I like the idea for the theme..great
Francesc21 · 2012-04-15: 08:02
MARETKA88 I hate waiting also....great photo to depict it
MARETKA88 · 2012-04-15: 09:22
finbarr Great idea !! l also hate waiting ,
finbarr · 2012-04-15: 10:03
mallusatish Very nice post~!~
mallusatish · 2012-04-15: 10:11
promise Oh. I always play with my camera when I have to wait for the doctor as well. Get your Feeling.
promise · 2012-04-15: 12:05
jennyLit waiting at the dr office is always awful!
jennyLit · 2012-04-15: 17:47
Davorka Great idea !great shot !
Davorka · 2012-04-16: 13:07
Unchained Normally I'm a patient person, but in a doctors waiting room, my usual serenity starts to bubble :)) The next time, turn the TV on :))
Unchained · 2012-04-17: 05:46
mattmckenna I know what you mean! good that you took this picture, the next time you have to go! go and have a look at this image and it will make you fell better, great use of the arch, good style
mattmckenna · 2012-04-17: 09:38
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