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Went for a little walk .......

Walk on snow shoes are heavy but so much fun. Walk got a little longer then it was suppose to but was great weather and the sun really start to feel warm and nice :)
Had a great day
I hope you my friends had the same

Smiles and Hugs
from a tired EvaLizette (with aching butt!)
bumpusdogs I can't tell you how jealous I am that you have snow like that!! ;)
bumpusdogs · 2012-01-24: 08:55
????? hahahahaha
That amount of snow Liz
.... I love ...
I like the rackets on the feet especially, is fun.
????? · 2012-01-24: 08:56
Patricia132 Looks like a pretty wonderful outing! Sorry about your aching booty!!! hahahah~
Love the snow shoe shot and the snow covered hills, with the sunburst .... superb!
Also really love the snow tracks ... so lovely! HUGS!
Patricia132 · 2012-01-24: 09:02
danrav #10 to my faves! What a winter wonderland. I hope your tired butt is feeling better!!!! hahahaha
danrav · 2012-01-24: 09:10
danrav Ah - the cat hat went too!!! hahaha
danrav · 2012-01-24: 09:10
angil A little walk that become a long walk. I'm mesmerized by the beauty of that place. That view of the fyord is breathtaking. I'm overwhelmed with this set. I used to go to Spain to ski and those pictures remind me the beauty of the snowy mountains.
angil · 2012-01-24: 09:22
lelle Så väldigt vacker det är.
Att gå i snöskor är väl inte det lättaste !!!
lelle · 2012-01-24: 09:36
nynkeb A dreamlike walk... the views are soooo beautiful. Gorgeous with a touch of Lizette and her wonderful sense of humour.. :)))
nynkeb · 2012-01-24: 10:17
mattmckenna great pictures so glad you went that walk, you might be sore, but we reaped the benefits by see your stunning images. Love them all, would you consider removing the reflection in no2 it would so improve the image, now I am getting really picky, no more Mr nice lol :)
mattmckenna · 2012-01-24: 10:28
giancaf I envy no snow here yet, beautiful set!
giancaf · 2012-01-24: 10:54
josy63 What a wonderful walk, which you know how to make alive and funny!!!
10 goes to my favorites :))
josy63 · 2012-01-24: 11:04
marilynx A delightful series ... love the snow shoes...love the mountains...love the sunshine...love the snow ... love cathat ... a day for loving "LIFE". All to my favs!
marilynx · 2012-01-24: 11:05
deandrade Wonderful set! But what a nice walk, I also hope to make some snowshoes :-)
deandrade · 2012-01-24: 11:09
busybee 1 to my favourites a truly magical set :-)
busybee · 2012-01-24: 11:25
unreal Wonderful landscape. So many snow. Beautiful shots.
Take me with you for a walk!
N10 also in my favs
unreal · 2012-01-24: 13:05
????? Stunning, wonderful and totally jealous :)
????? · 2012-01-24: 13:21
ASINUS Thanks by share with us, and especially with me, this trip on a clear and beautiful day, that i asked you. Its so clear that you lives in the home of snow, your snowshoes are the prove!!. I would have no doubt not even a minute, for follow you into this nice white paradaise. I love the mountains and all over and over again when it's winter. This time your "boots" are not sensual, but yes very specials and extraordinaries. It would be a very great tentation for me, descend mountain slopes like these with my skis.
Thanks again by open this little window to your nice and snow covered country.

I'm going inmediatly to look for a some photos to share with you!!
ASINUS · 2012-01-24: 13:56
mrmeliska Excellent winter scenes...
mrmeliska · 2012-01-24: 15:05
SheriJ What cool looking snowshoes! WoW the snow is deep! Cute pup too! great snow post!
SheriJ · 2012-01-24: 15:43
lookagain What a beautiful post....so many wonderful snowy scenes!! #1 is just excellent...super capture of light and shadows!!!!
lookagain · 2012-01-24: 16:22
breizh Excellent ...
A wonderfull post ... ant yo are so sweet ! :)
breizh · 2012-01-24: 16:27
????? The sun has a special design it is not completely round, is simply magnificent :):)
Is my friend, while you' in the snow. I'm in the scorching sun, here is a terrible heat and raining!
Wonderful pictures!!!
????? · 2012-01-24: 17:17
va000119 OHHHH!!!! you got snow as well, total envy from me...we got rain. love the light and colour in these. :-))
va000119 · 2012-01-24: 18:05
aroundGT I like the light in your pics! beautiful!
aroundGT · 2012-01-24: 23:09
Shaparak so beautiful!
Shaparak · 2012-01-24: 23:26
GranAbby Beautiful country where you live!
GranAbby · 2012-01-25: 08:29
Peeleena I can't pick just one and say it's the best, they are all wonderful! Looks like you two had a great time :)
Peeleena · 2012-01-26: 10:50
camilleauteuil can't choose ... every picture is fantastic !
camilleauteuil · 2012-01-27: 05:54
nicephore34 A wonderfull set ! Great captures The first is a dream.
nicephore34 · 2012-01-27: 13:27
Ryana Snow ... oh, how I would love to see some!!
All these are so wonderful and the first one I love the most.
Ryana · 2012-01-27: 17:17
renatomartins Next time tell me before you go...

#10 on my FL
renatomartins · 2012-01-28: 07:55
ldalmau wonderful country. It's a magnifique set.
ldalmau · 2012-01-28: 18:15
hannamagnusson Åh, vilket fantastiskt vinterlandskap! Här har det fortfarande inte kommit någon snö i vinter :-(
hannamagnusson · 2012-01-29: 07:18
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