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Walk yesterday :)

View for DancingDolphin :))
Post some of the pictures I took yesterday:)
Most are snapshots from the view. It was all about the walk yesterday and not taking pictures. Those who knows the real Lizette knows how much it means to her to get up on Skjerdingan (Name on the mountain). Every year I think I wont manage it and never tell anyone I`m going because if I cant make it ....well
I did make it:)
I have so many happy memories from this place.
I stayed overnight so many times in that little cabin. There are two beds but sometimes we was up to 6-7 persons sleeping there hahaha
All in a big bundle and with lots of laughs.
We were fishing and walking around in this beautiful surroundings and swim in the ice cold melt water.
Late summer nights that never gets dark......

Just an amazing place :)
so if the quality is not so good on this post I hope you can see past that
It was a walk ....and for a little while I feel like the old me :)
Strong and No dizziness.....
All healthy :) one day I hope to be again
lelle Ett fantastiskt fint landskap du har vandrat i och tagit fina foton av.
lelle · 2012-06-09: 04:14
busybee Splended walk and keep hoping in surroundings like this it must make you feel so good, healing as well for body and soul.
busybee · 2012-06-09: 04:20
????? What a nice walk !! great views :-)
????? · 2012-06-09: 05:04
mazpics STUNNING! I wish I was on this walk with you, Lizette. :) Have a great weekend.
mazpics · 2012-06-09: 05:09
ASINUS You know that i love especially the moutain landscapes, not only like an scenary, but as well as sites that have this own soul. Mountains are like an especial country, that extend it's frontiers along the world. I can see my own country into your photos, there are some differences, of course, but i can see into these lanscapes, the same places that i love. Perhaps, you can remember that i was for a trip in Greenland some years ago. Well, i could found there, the same forms and original morfologies that i already knows from high mountains in my own country...but precisely on sea level. The high mountains into my country, are like a little northern islands that gets crossing my lovely mediterranean lanscapes. Mountains are my second homeland, then i feel like if i were at home when visit another faraway mountain countries.
I am living into a great city beside the Mediterranean coast, but in fact i can't see the water every day. The high mountains are 200 Km, farest from my home. Thats why, i'm jealous from you, living between these marvellous places.
I can understand your feeling very well, when the outside and inside has the same armony, like an only lanscape.
ASINUS · 2012-06-09: 05:51
nynkeb Thanks so much dear Lizette for sharing your beautiful walk. I feel happy with your happiness and I was deeply touched by your words. A walk filled with hope :)) Big hug!
nynkeb · 2012-06-09: 05:58
kwibusje I had waited for this, wow, this is great, this is a beautiful walk.
kwibusje · 2012-06-09: 06:02
FitrPhotography wow what an amazing walk!! good for you that you did it!!
i got exhausted just scrolling through the pics, lmao...
FitrPhotography · 2012-06-09: 06:38
josy63 The need of spaces with the infinity as the horizon... Splendid and moving shots Eva
josy63 · 2012-06-09: 07:04
danrav I am so impressed and so overwhelmed with your passion and your uniqueness and tenacity. You are awesome Lizette!!!! Awesome....... Congratulations on making it again this year. Bravo, bravo...... You are super woman - and no dizziness - horaaay!!!! xxx
danrav · 2012-06-09: 07:07
Annbramwell Wow, now that is a view! and the sardine sandwich makes it even more worthwhile, yum! Well done on getting up there!
Annbramwell · 2012-06-09: 07:33
angil What a wonderful walk that must have been. I think my next holidays are going to be spent in Norway. Although i've already been there, my wife didn't. So, I must show her what a great country Norway is.
angil · 2012-06-09: 07:43
marilynx What an inspiration!
Amazing images ...ice cool!
marilynx · 2012-06-09: 08:42
NellyBly Just beautiful scenery..the first one is extraordinary..to favs. I would love to go there to relax as you did..go more often! Wonderful feel good shots...hope you feel better now :-)
NellyBly · 2012-06-09: 10:36
????? Un endroit fantastique que vous avez bien de la chance de connaitre.
????? · 2012-06-09: 10:46
nicephore34 Fantastic landscape ! And fantastic too the art you take it.
nicephore34 · 2012-06-09: 13:00
mrmeliska Beautiful shots..
mrmeliska · 2012-06-09: 13:42
ldalmau extarordinary country. You are so lucky!
ldalmau · 2012-06-09: 13:45
????? Wonderful, I lived in a place like this the rest of my life :))
????? · 2012-06-09: 14:25
digitalideas Such beautiful views well done
digitalideas · 2012-06-09: 17:25
????? Ohh, that's a beautiful walk...very evocotive!!
????? · 2012-06-09: 19:10
liveandletlive I see a wonderful post Lizette. It looks like a fabulous hike and such a beautiful place.
I wish you many more days of feeling healthy.
liveandletlive · 2012-06-09: 19:58
thekeyislooking Incredible! :) Really need to visit the norwegian mountains and fjords some day..!
Breath-taking views!
thekeyislooking · 2012-06-10: 14:24
armando very beautiful!
armando · 2012-06-10: 19:49
MARETKA88 fantastic place and shots
MARETKA88 · 2012-06-10: 20:20
Arie Nice landscape shots... thank you for sharing.
Arie · 2012-06-11: 01:20
????? oh were your swimming in that cold water? You are very braveheart!
????? · 2012-06-11: 10:01
Unchained This is my kind of walks, but they are more and more memories of the past. Fantastic landscapes, a union with nature.
Unchained · 2012-06-12: 15:04
Emelyn Your walk is beyond words. It is more than a trip. It is a journey to a point, a goal, a summit--one which your heart and mind have reached. Good luck for more meaningful walks ...
Emelyn · 2012-06-20: 07:28
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