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I'm a writer by day (and, frequently, by night), and a photographer whenever I get the chance. My love of words comes from my grandmother - my love of pictures comes from my father. I hope to pass both on to my daughters.

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????? · 2008-06-04: 15:45
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One of mankind's greatest inventions.
You know it! :)
????? · 2008-06-04: 15:24
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A long porch, a tall glass of sweet tea, and a cool evening breeze. Isn't living in the South wonderful?

Very nice set of photos.
Yeah, Living in The South is Great! Thank you for the encouragement! :)
quinntet · 2007-08-11: 03:27
quinntet Ahahaha! I'm starting to like you more. LOL. I am also excited for the new Halloween. I can't wait to see what Zombie's done with it! :D
quinntet · 2007-08-10: 04:31
quinntet Your icon is GREAT! I'm so excited for the new movie! I'm excited for The Joker and Harley Quinn!