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Photoblog Project RED and WHITE and Happy Valentine

Possibly I am off until Thursday, business trip with a tight schedule and following the blog in Georgia by mobile is extremely expensive, but I am so curious about your reaction try to follow somehow
With special thanks to all participating bloggers
ArtBee, Bolle, Smbunation, DancingDolphin, Ryanna, Dontblink, Widcat, Katlover, Tagastar, Dinuadina, Wasichseh, Daisydavinci, Theodor, Eternity, Eiram, Unchained, Nunuinpictures, OnlyRicky, Ole365, Blackhawk1552, miltonjacob, huiching, Gonia, firehorsecri, 365Edgar, Krasotulichka, Jarvo, Wildduck, Cdann, Contesina, Jiab, Critterbug, HannaMagnussen, Frikica, Slowpete, Tina, Ignelson, Azza, Michel Poncet, Nadyoshny
and I hope by heart that I haven´t forgot one Thanks my friends it was a great pleasure
gonia this is really brilliant!nice to hellp you.all my best wishes of love for you.Maggie
gonia · 2010-02-14: 08:16
onlyricky Thanks to you too!:)
onlyricky · 2010-02-14: 08:21
critterbug I was honored to participate; you created a beautiful, and timely, piece of art.
critterbug · 2010-02-14: 08:28
Ole365 I'm also honored to be able to participate in this project. It looks great!
Thanks to everybody else helping out too. Now that we have the experience we can do something like this again!
Ole365 · 2010-02-14: 08:42
smbunation Excellent! Looks great, Gerd! Glad we were able to help too!
smbunation · 2010-02-14: 09:37
nadyozhny :)
nadyozhny · 2010-02-14: 09:41
soubhagya Excellent work Gerd! Sad i could not contribute!
soubhagya · 2010-02-14: 09:48
Frikica Really good work. I am happy that I help you with pictures. Really amazing pics...
Frikica · 2010-02-14: 10:35
????? Excellent result, Gerd! It was funny and a pleisure to partecipate :-) Thank you!
????? · 2010-02-14: 12:08
Eiram Thanks Gerd! It was so much fun to participate and I love the outcome!
Eiram · 2010-02-14: 12:14
Unchained Na, du hast es geschafft und es sieht wirklich toll aus. Ich danke Dir auch.
Unchained · 2010-02-14: 14:54
lgnelson Glad to help out, Gerd! It was fun!
lgnelson · 2010-02-14: 16:44
Ryana It is an honor to be part off this!!
Ryana · 2010-02-14: 17:10
Wasichseh Sieht toll aus! Rot /weiß ist gut gegen die Winterdepri. Das war eine sehr gute Idee von Dir. Vielen Dank für Deine Arbeit!
Wasichseh · 2010-02-14: 17:12
dontblink Looks cool! Great job Gerd, glad I could contribute.
dontblink · 2010-02-14: 18:16
365edgar This was an awesome idea! Thanks to you for planning and putting all of this together. I'm so glad I could contribute.
365edgar · 2010-02-14: 19:18
tagastar Its a warm and wonderful poster!!
tagastar · 2010-02-14: 22:49
Jarvo Great work Gerd!!!!!! Thanks ever so much for including my shot. Have a good trip. J.
Jarvo · 2010-02-15: 04:37
DAMihaela This is more then great !!!! Excellent !!!!
Great work!!!
DAMihaela · 2010-02-15: 05:39
miltonjacob it was a creative idea and so glad to be a part of this!
miltonjacob · 2010-02-15: 16:06
wanazza You are welcome Gerd! I was honored to participate. Excellent result :)
wanazza · 2010-02-15: 21:58
cdann congratulation : )
cdann · 2010-02-16: 02:39
krasotulichka you have done a great work!!!
krasotulichka · 2010-02-16: 05:25
????? Thumbs up! Gute Arbeit! :)
????? · 2010-02-16: 12:31
????? What a pretty effect. It does look like a valentine! Thank you for inviting and including me.
????? · 2010-02-17: 00:24
blackhawk1552 that is called unity ! with one universal language called photography! congrats on your effort and sucess to this project Gerd!
best regards ,
blackhawk1552 · 2010-02-18: 03:34
ArtBee My pleasure to participate in this project Gerd! Amazing result! Well done!
ArtBee · 2010-02-19: 15:02
Bassman So cute! Great idea!
Bassman · 2010-02-21: 17:05
adrianshot Oops im late, and so sorry for not sending you those red and white photos. I really wish to join that project but i was away for 1 week. Anyway, I hope you will have more similar project going on soon and if you really do, please leave me a massage and i will try my best to capture some great photos. Thanks! =)
adrianshot · 2010-02-22: 10:41
????? What a lovely and creative photo patchwork. Too bad I'm late. My compliments to you all. It's really very nice.
????? · 2010-02-25: 15:56
????? It's an honour to have been part of this, great job Gerd, and thanks for sending the picture, much appreciated!!
????? · 2010-03-03: 14:03
criss · 2010-03-13: 17:21
????? Beautiful!!
????? · 2010-05-24: 05:39
????? Gerd, I voted for you! Your RED project was a truly lovely idea with a great sense of collaboration, fun and sharing. I loved it immediately and I took part in it with my RED velvet hat ♥
I'd like to see more collaborative idea on PB like this one.
????? · 2010-07-13: 08:30
????? voted for you! Great idea
????? · 2010-07-13: 08:32
ArtBee Got my vote Gerd! It was a fantastic idea!
ArtBee · 2010-08-23: 16:08
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