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A favor from my friends

Right now many parts of the US is expecting a MAJOR storm. Indiana is expecting a lot of ice.

My mom is elderly and just got out the hospital with pneumonia, and has been on oxygen. It is hard to express just how scared I am with her being 700 miles away and worrying about her possibly losing electricity and being all alone.
I ask, no matter which one of our world's great religions you practice....Can you say a little pray for my Mom's safety?
It will mean so much to me.
onlyricky i'm not a prayer...but i'm praying right now for your mom... i swear on god.
i hope your mom will be fine.
onlyricky · 2011-01-31: 20:14
karmankwarner Prayers Said. May she be healthy and warm through this storm and may you have peace of mind about her.
karmankwarner · 2011-01-31: 20:17
dontblink It sounds like this storm is going to be pretty bad. Prayers go out to your mom and everyone in it's path.
dontblink · 2011-01-31: 20:20
darfoster Absolutely! Is there anyone close who could check on her and give you peace of mind? I hope so! BTW, lovely photo!
darfoster · 2011-01-31: 20:25
beeacooker My prayers will be with your family this week. May He surround your mom with health and safety, and grant you a calming heart and peace.
beeacooker · 2011-01-31: 20:39
DancingDolphin Certainly! It sounds like she might need someone to check in on her, does she have good neighbors?
DancingDolphin · 2011-01-31: 20:45
????? My thoughts and prayers go out for her safety and health, and for everyone that may be affected by this storm.
Where in IN is she?
????? · 2011-01-31: 21:06
????? (((((((((((((Becky)))))))))))))
Sending prayers and positive energy for your mom and you.
????? · 2011-01-31: 21:18
????? My prayers are with you and your mom
????? · 2011-01-31: 21:53
atszabo Dear Becky! I am with you, knowing all too well what you are going through...whatever I can do, I will, to ease your pain of helplessness, dear Friend!
atszabo · 2011-01-31: 22:29
Kozuka My prayers for your mom, and all will be fine!
Big hug!
Kozuka · 2011-02-01: 04:32
ilikethat Absolutely Becky!
What a beautiful and heart felt post
I want you to know my family is praying for yours
ilikethat · 2011-02-01: 05:47
????? Absolutely dear friend! Blessings!!!!
????? · 2011-02-01: 06:52
SADHYA It is so difficult when an elderly and vulnerable person is so far away.
I will be thinking of your mom, and of you, and sending positive thoughts to both of you.
SADHYA · 2011-02-02: 12:30
helys All my thoughts and special prayer to both of you :))
helys · 2011-02-10: 01:34
????? Hi Becky! I only saw this now, and hope everything is fine already, but want to mention saying Psalms for her -- 1 higher than her age. I.e . If she is 75, it would be the 76th Psalm, as she is in her 76th year of life. Wishing you the best!
????? · 2011-02-12: 12:28
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