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115. A Tale Of Two Cities*

Canada has an embassy in London...
as does South Africa
and about 150 other countries.
The EU has offices in London.
London is still at the centre of "The Commonwealth"...
... whatever that means.
Nelson Mandela loves his visits to London,
... as does The Marharaja of India.
It appears that the Swiss must like London, at least two parts of the city are named after them.
The flamboyant French aim to have the biggest flag in the city.
But London doesn't have it all. The pirates have their embassy in Southend.
and it looks as if they've visited our house.
You can tell a lot about a place by the interactions it has with the outside world. Here we compare two places in England and the way the world engages with them.

*Yes, I know that Southend isn't a city having failed in it's bids for city status on 2000 and 2002. But with a population of 160,000 it is bigger than several of the UK's cities and I didn't want to let the facts stand in the way of a good title.
????? You are so lucky to be in London..in my home if you go with a camera in you hand even near a police station or Government building they will shoot you in a second...Beautiful London
????? · 2009-03-11: 22:51
????? great set again, i'm ejoying the views of london, haven't been there for ages, must take some time out again for a visit. And i think you'd better get a canadian flag shot, or you'll have Mariana comming after you.. hahaha ;-)
????? · 2009-03-11: 23:19
chrisbuchan I added #5 to my favourites, great set
chrisbuchan · 2009-03-11: 23:33
chrisbuchan Oh and by the way #5 has a canadian flag right in the middle!!!!
chrisbuchan · 2009-03-11: 23:35
jet28 A pirate embassy? Now I've heard everything! Fantastic set :-)
jet28 · 2009-03-12: 04:29
Ryana Great set...
I love it how your photos always tell a storry !!
Thanks for sharing ! ;o)
Ryana · 2009-03-12: 04:44
Aghdam I want pair of that gloves, Colorful and great shots!!!
Aghdam · 2009-03-12: 06:09
Nadir Great set, great views! Thanks, my friend!
Nadir · 2009-03-12: 07:53
lookagain What a great idea for a post - just excellent!! You've captured so many amazing and colorful shots - wonderful place, London! Guess a Canadian flag was discovered....but an American flag ?? ;-)
lookagain · 2009-03-12: 09:20
busybee36 I knew there was a reason why I haven't been to Southend - no wait a minute, is Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom there, that would make me visit!
busybee36 · 2009-03-12: 09:38
????? Great reportage AND shots, well done!!!~
????? · 2009-03-12: 11:25
????? Wow... I could write a few pages about this theme, but I'll try to be brief.
The world, we like it or not, is globalized. So relations between countries are very important. But I cannot stop thinking about the differences North / South.
About the pictures... where is the Spanish flag? (It's a joke)
#5 and #6 are awesome, but my fovorite is the one of the Maharaja of India :D
????? · 2009-03-12: 12:12
Nubster Excellent as always! They won't shoot me here if I start walking around with a camera, but I am afraid someone will call the police if I start taking lots of pictures of strip malls (the local version of Embassy Row).
Nubster · 2009-03-12: 21:17
dontblink Great set! I especially like 5 and 6.
dontblink · 2009-03-12: 22:46
kormoran Un petit faible pour la #11 ;-) ...normal!!
A small weak-willed person for #11;-)
kormoran · 2009-03-16: 15:06
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