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131. Dad

With Mum (1950s?)
With me (1965?)
With Mum at my wedding (1990)
He was a hero to me, but in more than just the "he went to sea to fight the nazis" sort of way.
His sailors whistle.
His crib board, I think he probably made this. He also taught me to play.
His Put and Take - essential kit for a gambler on a ship.
I used to hate him smoking, but it does mean he's left his mark on the table and I like that.
If he was still around, my Dad would have been 86 today.
He taught me a lot, made me laugh and was very skilled at making things.

Having older parents does have its compensations, but the downside is you don't have so long to enjoy their company.

There are lots of things I've inherited from my Dad, unfortunately a decent photograph isn't one of them, so here are a few blurry snaps together with some pictures of things that were once his.

lifeisgood Wonderful tribute...you have shared some wonderful memories that are very special.
lifeisgood · 2009-03-26: 22:29
????? this is very reflective and imaginative tribute- I am honored you would share this with us!!~
????? · 2009-03-26: 22:49
lookagain Wonderful and heartfelt post - thanks for sharing your dad's life with us.
My dad was in the U.S. Navy in WWII - I believe he felt it was the proudest time of his life.
A beautiful tribute, Jon - well done.
lookagain · 2009-03-26: 23:24
susjustjake Wonderful set. The whistle is an incredible shot! great tribute
susjustjake · 2009-03-27: 01:08
????? Wonderful pictures. Both my dad and step dad were in WWll. You resemble him...you have his dimple.
????? · 2009-03-27: 01:50
gonia nothing to be add! great tribute!I'm happy to see all these pictures and I'm sure your Father is watching them as well.
gonia · 2009-03-27: 04:17
????? Beautiful pix you have, 1 & 2.
????? · 2009-03-27: 04:41
revenant This is a very moving post. Thank you
revenant · 2009-03-27: 04:41
Ryana Yes, this is a moving most....and a sweet tribute to your dad!
Thanks for sharing. :o)
Ryana · 2009-03-27: 05:16
Dragana dashing
Dragana · 2009-03-27: 06:49
jet28 Wonderful tribute - what beautiful memories :-)
jet28 · 2009-03-27: 08:34
dontblink This is a wonderful post. Great images all. Thank you very much for sharing.
dontblink · 2009-03-27: 08:41
caroleagle Lovely post I don't understand the last one. What did he smoke? Is it the dark marks that he left and how?
Never seen or even heard of a put and take
caroleagle · 2009-03-27: 10:11
onlymehdi Great set, great story
onlymehdi · 2009-03-27: 10:26
????? lovely post Jon, wonderful and moving tribute to your father. Thanks for sharing
????? · 2009-03-27: 15:38
????? Beautiful post, Jon.
I'm sorry you don't have your father with you in presence.
But I'm happy to know how much you love him, and how much he loved you.
You're lucky.
There's something still worse than don't have a father: this is to have one that don't love you.
I'm very happy for you :D
????? · 2009-03-27: 16:36
onlyricky jon!
am sorry for you dont have your father here... :(
you did a great homenage here!
onlyricky · 2009-03-27: 17:54
nadoune Wonderful shots !!!
nadoune · 2009-03-27: 23:54
somogyvari Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing!
somogyvari · 2009-03-28: 17:30
busybee36 You certainly have a lot of fond memories of your father.
busybee36 · 2009-03-29: 08:37
Zsofikabarcz Kind idea, good pics
Zsofikabarcz · 2009-03-30: 11:38
Nubster Lovely photos and tribute. I like the crib board and put and take - wonder what kind of stories they could tell?
Nubster · 2009-04-01: 22:49
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