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139. The Push Me Pull You

(Please enlarge for better view)
This couple of bugs were actually flying along like this. I have two questions about this set.

1. What are they? I think they are bee-flies (i.e. flies that look like bees). If so (or even if not), the most common variety in the UK is Bombylius Major. However I'm no expert, so if anyone knows better I'd be pleased to know.

2. What are they doing? Press the red button on your remote, if you think spring is in the air and they are feeling a little fruity. Press your green button if you think this is the first bout of this season's all-insect sumo championships. If you think it's a rare sighting of Buzz and Budd, the only conjoined-twin bee-flies in Europe, it's yellow. Press blue, if you think it's errr something else.

nikito Very nice!
nikito · 2009-04-04: 13:54
onlyricky hmm
i dont know what are these!
I know more about plants than insects! its hard to know all their names!
Anyway these are nice!
I've seen one very close to it!
onlyricky · 2009-04-04: 13:57
yelwinoo oh... lovely details... thanks for the descriptions too...
yelwinoo · 2009-04-04: 13:58
revenant Can I call a friend? It worked in Slumdog Millionnaire... I would like to offer a purple button: they're taking the mickey out of humans doing the dance of the dying fly which I recall was all too popular back in the 70's and early 80's.
And I have another question: how did you manage to capture them? They're very impressive macros.
revenant · 2009-04-04: 14:25
eternity65 no idea what it is but they are great shots !!
eternity65 · 2009-04-04: 14:45
lookagain Very strange-looking, indeed!!
lookagain · 2009-04-04: 16:16
kimkadabra Check out this link-BeeThing
As coincidence would have it, I also saw one of these creatures a couple of days ago and got this pic. Probably a victim of GM crops or an experiment gone wrong!
kimkadabra · 2009-04-04: 18:15
????? Blue. lol
And and I think you're right: they seem to be Bombylius Major...
????? · 2009-04-04: 19:38
Ryana OMG !! I dont now what they are but I do now that these are GREAT shots !!!
Ryana · 2009-04-04: 20:20
????? I have no idea, but they are great shots whatever they are!!~
????? · 2009-04-04: 20:48
dontblink Very cool Macros. Excellent.
dontblink · 2009-04-04: 22:06
susjustjake Great Macro!
susjustjake · 2009-04-04: 23:12
onlymehdi great macro
onlymehdi · 2009-04-04: 23:43
davidcardona Amazing!
davidcardona · 2009-04-05: 03:37
jet28 It's all a mystery to me - great capture!
jet28 · 2009-04-05: 03:58
gonia pretty pictures, but I don't like especially these small animals .but you caught super!
gonia · 2009-04-05: 07:15
????? I say yellow lol. So well captured!
????? · 2009-04-05: 10:37
????? Red, but it's amazing they can make pregress flying...wouldn't each want to go in the opposite direction?
????? · 2009-04-05: 19:47
Nubster Red button for me. Great title and macros!
Nubster · 2009-04-05: 22:03
LAZYWASP Red button.....and before the watershed!!!!
LAZYWASP · 2009-04-09: 09:48
Zsofikabarcz Fantastic!
Zsofikabarcz · 2009-04-10: 07:22
onlyricky I remember these :D
So we were lucky in find them ;)
onlyricky · 2009-06-25: 06:29
marilynx Thanks for the back date! Still weird!
marilynx · 2013-04-24: 16:50
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