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162. Citrus

The pictures I had in my mind's eye were so much better than these. Especially the first one. Bigger, cleaner, clearer. I think the big problem is the lighting. Maybe it's a problem with doing this a night maybe I need to try in the daylight. Either way, I feel that gaining a better understanding of light is probably the single thing that would improve my photography. Any comments, criticism or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Picture 3 is a second attempt at this taken in sunlight with a dark background.
smbunation Colorful... Bright... These look good enough to eat!
smbunation · 2009-04-27: 22:23
dontblink I'm not able to offer advice on lighting but I like what you were doing in #1.
dontblink · 2009-04-27: 22:35
lookagain I really like these....so colorful! I think you're right to experiment with lighting...that's always a toughie for me, too. Trying different approaches is a good way to learn.
lookagain · 2009-04-28: 00:00
revenant They always are (better in one's imagination) and it always is (something to do with lighting).
However, if you fiddle with mid-tones and hike up the vibrancy and sharpness, perhaps No. 1 will get a tad closer to what you saw in your mind's eye.
Nice to see the prerequisites for a decent G&T.
revenant · 2009-04-28: 01:36
jet28 The background in 2 really contrasts well!
jet28 · 2009-04-28: 04:45
????? like the set, original again Jon. But sorry, can't help you on the light theme, as I'm a big dumbo when it comes to lighting, I just keep trying and hoping they will be and look all right. And am learning as i go allong
????? · 2009-04-28: 06:37
onlyricky wow!
Very neat shots!
I dont have any critic! :) they are nice!!!
onlyricky · 2009-04-28: 07:35
busybee36 I guess if you really cant get the shot you want you can always make marmalade with the props! (I actually think the first shot looks good even if it isn't as good as in your minds eye)
busybee36 · 2009-04-28: 09:32
????? cool shots, very inventive!!~
????? · 2009-04-28: 09:38
????? Original set, Jon.
I don't know much about lighting, but I think you could improve the first photo changing the background. #3 is great because the black background makes the fruits and the vase more attractive and outstanding. If you choose a different background to #1 I think it will look better.
????? · 2009-04-28: 10:18
onlymehdi amazing, i love, love the last shot
onlymehdi · 2009-04-28: 14:20
Ryana Looking at these make me hungry....
.....and to eat a dont need a lot off light... :o)
Ryana · 2009-04-28: 17:24
ittakesallsorts Brilliant - #3 is lovely ;-)
ittakesallsorts · 2009-04-28: 18:43
Lynda I really like no 3.
Lynda · 2009-04-28: 19:08
????? Love #3, partly because of the composition and also for the dark background. I think they are good.
????? · 2009-04-28: 22:21
LAZYWASP Where are the other two pictures?.....Surely you have Five a day!!
Seriously...they look great to me, especially the last shot.
LAZYWASP · 2009-04-29: 04:31
somogyvari Original idea!!! Cool shots!!
somogyvari · 2009-04-29: 07:26
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