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211. Bee Draggled

You don't have to kiss my ring.
(All of these pictures look better enlarged)

This little fella bumbled his way into the saucepan's paddling pool this afternoon. Luckily I spotted it there as it paddled like fury just to tread water. I fished it out and it stayed for a while on my hand to dry off. In fact, it stayed long enough for me to walk in the house, get my camera, single-handedly change the lens, walk back out into the garden and take 3 dozen shots. All the time it's feet tickling me as it danced around trying to get dry. When it was ready, it took off and flew into the distance doing a victory roll over our neighbours shed.
????? great set Jon!! I had the same experience with a dragon fly last year, but didn't think of taking pictures ########### :-(
But somehow i think they are thankful, as the dragonfly stayed on my hand all afternoon, even after setting it on the wall, and an hour later going back sticking out my hand to it, it just got back on it again, very weird, but great :-), So all day it was on and of my hand, till the evening when left it out on the wall, next morning it was still there, got back on my hand, and then decided it had enough and flew of:-( Nice experiences i think :-)
????? · 2009-06-15: 16:41
????? I have two thing to say.
1. All these pictures are breathtaking!! Spectacular!
2. Do you know how lucky you are! This experiencie is so magical!!
Twice some butterflies have landed on me and that moments were just amazing. It lasted long enough to take some pictures, and the memory still lingers in me.
????? · 2009-06-15: 16:57
????? terrific detail!!!!!
????? · 2009-06-15: 20:24
smbunation Amazing that the bee stayed on your finger for all that. Great close-ups, Jon.
smbunation · 2009-06-15: 21:34
Nubster I was wondering how you got a bee to cling to you! Great close-ups. Glad the poor little guy was OK!
Nubster · 2009-06-15: 21:53
busybee36 I knew those life-saving skills would come in handy one day! Great one-handed macros, especially the last one.
busybee36 · 2009-06-16: 02:36
jet28 Wow, what incredible captures!

You can hardly see the superglue ;-)
jet28 · 2009-06-16: 03:19
LAZYWASP Amazing shots!!! Now if that had been a wasp!!!!
LAZYWASP · 2009-06-16: 03:36
dontblink That is Bee eautiful! Great set!
dontblink · 2009-06-16: 13:33
chrisbuchan just amazing and great story!!!
chrisbuchan · 2009-06-16: 13:36
gonia it is v.pretty and your pictures too!
gonia · 2009-06-16: 13:56
jendayee well.... you must be lucky :))) great shots !
jendayee · 2009-06-16: 15:21
somogyvari Fantastic captures!
somogyvari · 2009-06-17: 04:23
????? That's amazing! I enjoyed your story.
????? · 2009-06-17: 12:59
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