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257. Nature Will Always Find A Way

Yesterday in Ruth's Blog, she expressed concern at how we are killing the planet. This post may give a different side to the story, because it seems to me that whenever humans leave a patch of land for just a short time nature at first takes a little foothold and very soon starts to thrive. And the plant that seems to thrive the most (at least in this neck of the woods) is Budlea otherwise known as the butterfly bush. So perhaps the worry shouldn't be whether there'll be any butterflys for the humans to see, but whether there'll be any humans for the butterflys to see.
lookagain Yes, all previous civilizations are covered over while nature (or other civilizations) thrive on top of them. Nothing is permanent or ever will be....everything moves in cycles no matter how humans choose to act or react. Guess the question is....does that give humans the right to cause harm to nature? Shouldn't we strive to live in accordance with the laws of nature since we are part of it? That's the ideal, but we all drive on roads, live in dwellings, use products, etc. that have to have come about by destroying nature in some way. In fact, many of the things in the modern world that give us convenience, comfort and enjoyment (i.e.,computers, cameras, cars) are certainly not "natural." Practices like polluting the air we breathe and leaving dangerous substances in rivers and soil have to be unacceptable, but how far should we go in establishing a clean earth? Again, I'm just asking the question....of course, I believe we should all do our part to personally engage in environmentally sound practices, but how far does that go? No doubt when Mother Earth gets tired of the mess she'll "clean up" and the cycle will begin again. Thought-provoking post, Jon.
lookagain · 2009-07-31: 14:58
smbunation Well said Marsha. Jon, I agree your post is very stimulating, but I still think we need to be a lot more conscious of how we treat the world. I think the bottom line is, in the past 50-100 years, the earth has seen such a build up of infrastructure and population, it is tough for it to keep up with. Again, I agree that there is a cycle and the world will find a way, but I have to think it gets tougher and tougher a lot of us do not help it. Great post!
smbunation · 2009-07-31: 15:17
laurensanderson what an amazing concept, nature really does rule all. we can invade its space for a while but it will always find its way back, demonstrated beautifully by your photos.
laurensanderson · 2009-07-31: 15:23
????? Yes, the planet has a lot of power to heal herself...
I wonder if the human race is making itself redundant
????? · 2009-07-31: 16:25
onlyricky the 6# is LOL
I'd not let weeds grow in my roof!

Yeap :)
Indeed, Nice words!
onlyricky · 2009-08-01: 05:27
jet28 So true - love the last one :-)
jet28 · 2009-08-01: 06:03
????? Wow Jon!
I'm so glad to see that post. Thanks for sharing!
I'm glad because we all striked up conversation, and that's great.
I agree with Marsha and also with Smbunation. And you are right too.
I live with a geologist. And a geologist is a person for whom a million years is a very small space of time. You can understand that we are never in agreement on climate change. He says that there is a cycle. I say that we accelerate that cycle...
Well, we are not the owners of Earth, so you're right: She will solve the problem. But why not to look for a truce?
????? · 2009-08-01: 13:53
Ryana Great post and so tru!
Ryana · 2009-08-01: 16:14
????? There is a little pine tree growing in my rain gutter right now. Since I seek out old abandoned buildings to photograph, I know that around here, if you don't keep up a building and property, the vines will cover it quite soon.
????? · 2009-08-01: 21:52
nikito Very good!!!
nikito · 2009-08-02: 07:36
Aghdam Well i think we live in best time and maybe after this time life won't be good.
I like last one so much!!
Aghdam · 2009-08-02: 15:33
Aghdam But we should try to keep it
I wish humans can do it ...
Aghdam · 2009-08-02: 15:34
LAZYWASP You have been taking pictures of my allotment again!!!
LAZYWASP · 2009-08-03: 08:54
????? Excellent point of view, well done
????? · 2009-08-03: 23:14
thebronzebow so true. Great shots!
thebronzebow · 2009-08-04: 01:25
Rasadesign Great set....
And really great title....
I love the 4th shot.........
Rasadesign · 2009-08-05: 07:25
Melusine Interesting post and great illustrated!
Melusine · 2009-08-05: 16:59
blackhawk1552 Very nice set Jon..great post ...yes indeed i agree with marsha...To destroy a public building is called Vandalism...to destroy a forest we call it development...thank a lot for sharing my friend!
blackhawk1552 · 2009-08-08: 21:30
????? fab post and great shots, and all so true!
????? · 2009-08-09: 08:09
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