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1. The Little House At The Begining Of Time

Version 2: Although I only aim to post one picture per day, I was so pleased to receive some constructive criticism from Juan jrregaldie that I really wanted to try his ideas out – having done so it seemed daft not to post the results. So here is an amended version with some comments.

JR: “there are too may burnt pixels on top creating the illusion that the arrow is closer to the border, a frame would help”

Yes you are right. I guess ideally I should have taken my tripod and done some bracketing. I have put a frame in as you suggested, and am pleased with the results.

JR: ”I would clone out those branches”

I’ve had a very quick and dirty go at this and agree that it does look better – I’m sure it would be more so if I’d taken more care over it.

JR: ”The left side of the building is perhaps too close to the border”

You are of course right, unfortunately however there is an ugly building behind this that I didn’t want to include (as it is I still included a bin). I did think about cropping it closer on the right hand side to even things up, but I liked the idea of including the little public telescope next to a building that once housed the World’s biggest optics. Similarly I feel that there is too much space in the foreground but I wanted to include the line of longitude.

Thanks very much Juan, your comments are really appreciated :-). If anyone else would like to critique any of the pictures that I post I would very much welcome their feedback.
The Royal Observatory, Greenwich, London. The line in the foreground represents 0° Longitude. It it the place where our notions of East and West begin and where Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) comes from.

the answers to Wednesday's Macro Quiz are now available.
ittakesallsorts Happy New Year ;-}
ittakesallsorts · 2009-12-31: 19:12
smbunation I have this strange infatuation with time zones and the center of the world and the GMT/UTC and jet lag and all that stuff. So I like this image a lot.
smbunation · 2009-12-31: 23:35
thebronzebow Did you jump back and forth? :) Happy New Year!
thebronzebow · 2010-01-01: 03:10
jet28 Great title! and shot :-)
jet28 · 2010-01-01: 04:54
Ryana Great shot, nice angle you have chosen here.

Happy 2010, Jon, to you and your loved ones.

Ryana · 2010-01-01: 07:39
dontblink Very appropriate for the New year. Hope you have a great one!
dontblink · 2010-01-01: 11:24
????? so this is the house; very intriguing, great idea!!!~
????? · 2010-01-01: 11:28
????? It looks like a wonderful building :-)
????? · 2010-01-01: 14:13
gonia it looks very pretty.I was thinking it is greater.Happy New Year for you Jon!Maggie
gonia · 2010-01-01: 14:21
somogyvari Perfect ! Thanks for sharing !
somogyvari · 2010-01-01: 17:13
????? Thank you, Jon, I've never seen it and I was curious about the famous Greenwich ;-)
????? · 2010-01-02: 05:28
nikito Happy New Year 2010 Jon!!!
nikito · 2010-01-02: 09:40
onlyricky Nice shot! ;)
onlyricky · 2010-01-02: 09:55
jrregaldie I will criticise you a little bit on this one, though it is a nice shot:
- there are too may burnt pixels on top creating the illusion that the arrow is closer to the border, a frame would help
- I would clone out those branches
- The left side of the building is perhaps too close to the border

Again, a good shot that you can improve, I believe
jrregaldie · 2010-01-02: 11:53
boszorka65 Very nice shot:)
boszorka65 · 2010-01-03: 06:13
lookagain Very interesting post! Thanks for sharing the re-done work and the comments.....
lookagain · 2010-01-04: 09:09
????? This is very nice shot and beautiful building..but they should make Baghdad or some where near Baghdad the center of the world time :DD look at the map we are exactly in the middle !
????? · 2010-01-04: 17:18
????? I am pleased to see you are starting another 365!!!
I love this building and often used to jump over the meridian line when I was a child.
I was married at a place called East Court and it too has a meridian line - so there I was in my wedding dress jumping over it! Maybe one day I will grow up - I hope not though!
????? · 2010-01-05: 09:01
????? Nice shot, i like the second version best
????? · 2010-01-12: 14:01
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