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30. But Where Can I Get A Picture Of My Superego?

This wasn't supposed to be today's picture, it was just a little snapshot I took to amuse myself with a weak joke.

What I had planned to do was take some pictures of of counters moving across our carrom board. I spent ages setting my camera up and a similarly long time taking shots at various shutter speeds whilst I flicked the little plastic chips. It was meant to be a study of the relationship between movement and time. It turned out as a study of my own ability to get bored with my own photographic experiments. My aim was to discover the perfect shutter speed to capture the little discs to that they appeared to streak across the wooden board. I never did. I discovered that it is quite possible to have the camera operate quickly enough for the discs to appear stationary (and very boring it looked too). I discovered that at long shutter speeds the moving discs just disappear from view altogether (this amused me greatly for a nanosecond or two - but it actually produces results that would be even more dull to a later veiwer ).

So here were are, dependant an a shot of a sign and some very long text - two things I said I wouldn't do in this year's 365. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

If by any chance anyone does know the perfect speed for shooting Carrom pics, I'd love to know. Otherwise I might be forced to have another try sometime.
????? I'd never heard of the game before, and so have no idea how fast the counters move when struck. maybe 1/4 - 1/2 second?
????? · 2010-01-30: 19:21
thebronzebow =)) Hats off to you for trying. I've been a bit uninspired myself. As you say, there's always tomorrow. :)
thebronzebow · 2010-01-30: 21:13
lgnelson That was really a long explanation for a snapshot. :)
lgnelson · 2010-01-30: 22:55
revenant Don't know what Carrom is (will look at link later), but one way of showing a clear object with movement trails is to shoot it moving past you with second-curtain sync flash. For those who think this means redecorating, there's a menu in the flash controls that fires the flash when the shutter is closing (as opposed to the usual setting of when it opens). Not sure if available on compacts, but certainly on SLRs.

I see that I must have been an earlier sufferer of photographers' losing-the-eye syndrome. Both you and our friend in Milwaukee are down with it. Do you think it's contagious? Do we get it off PB?

As for not living up to your self-imposed and (IMO) unnecessary strictures, remember Emerson: "consistency is the bugbear of a little mind" (and no, I can't quote chapter and verse to any irate "artist"). Anyway, I enjoy your comments almost as much as I do the images.

Also, I think Superego shots need developing at the Jungian Archetypal Extrovert facility, a.k.a., Boot's.
revenant · 2010-01-31: 02:38
jet28 Love the sign, and the title, and the rationale :-)
jet28 · 2010-01-31: 05:30
onlyricky yea!
I've never heard of that game neither! o_O
onlyricky · 2010-01-31: 06:31
lookagain I have heard of that game....used to play it at my cousin's house as a kid. Can see your predicament in trying to shoot those things....don't have a clue what settings to use. That game kind of reminds me of pool....that would be some cool shots!
lookagain · 2010-01-31: 09:21
????? carrom??? sorry, I'm clueless! I can relate however to boring myself with experiments that I thought would be more fruitful or more exciting. this shot is very clever, good eye
????? · 2010-01-31: 09:46
bedazzled On the internet 'carrom' is actually called 'disc pool'..good luck with your shots..it would be really interesting to see the results..
bedazzled · 2010-02-01: 01:56
????? :S
This is too complicated for me today.
????? · 2010-02-03: 06:54
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