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213. My Friend Turned Out To Be An Evil Killer

Apologies for the poor picture quality. Shooting macros in daylight is hard enough, doing it at night time is fantastically difficult. What follows is far more important than the picture though:

Last week whilst sitting outside a bar, this little fella came flying around. At first we thought it was a moth as it was ceaselessly drawn to the lights. After a while it must have stunned itself, because it was laying flat on its back unable to get up.

No worries though, because Animal Man was there to rescue it. So there I was, as happy as Larry; holding my new found friend, trying (and failing) to get a decent picture, whilst amazing and revolting in equal measure my family, the waitress and fellow diners & drinkers with my willingness to handle the beast.

If only I'd known what it was. On getting home I looked it up on on the interweb only to discover that the little critter, the Red Palm Weevil, is a new and unwelcome import to Portugal and several other countries. The problem with this evil weevil is that its larvae burrow into palm trees destroying them. It is a big problem in the area, not least because a pregnant female can produce 200 naughty weevil puppies in one go. So they can (and do) spread very quickly.

Here's the important bit. If you should ever find one of these critters, don't do what I did. You're more likely to risk damaging palm trees than you are to get a decent shot. You are not a latter day Steve Irwin any more than I am. You must crush the bug before it gets a chance to do any more damage.
onlyricky hahaha
I knew you were in Portugal!
Last shot could ONLY be in Portugal!LOL
and isn't cute this weevil? KILL THEM! I HATE THEM! gosh... thank god they are not in north(at least i've not seen them in north)... but they are crazy on south x_X

superb shot!
you did a great macro! of course it is good for the picture, but we must kill them lool :P:O
onlyricky · 2010-08-09: 18:36
????? Jon, I already knew that you are a sweetheart ;-)
I'm just thinking about those brand-new palm trees planted along the beach in your area... I remember that post very well... Maybe importing the palm trees you got that bug, too. Interesting to know if you had it before the trees.
Hmmm... the tiny critter is cute... and dangerous at the same time... :-(
????? · 2010-08-09: 18:38
????? Tricky man! The shot I liked and favourited was in Portugal so ;-) LOL
????? · 2010-08-09: 18:39
atszabo Anything that has a nose like that could not be a harmless thing, obviously! I hate all bugs, especially if they are inside my house or eating my plants, outside! Either way, they need to go!
atszabo · 2010-08-09: 18:46
Gh We have not that much trees here so i guess its ok to keep them alive !! i heard in Russia they will have not that much trees any more too after this hot summer so you can deport her to.....:DDD
Gh · 2010-08-09: 19:06
????? Kuku..I love it! Great!
????? · 2010-08-09: 21:48
NellyBly It looks evil to me...off with it's head! And if that is your finger, you need to drink more WATER! :-))
NellyBly · 2010-08-09: 21:56
Ryana Thanks for the information, I hold that in mind. ;)
Ryana · 2010-08-10: 07:43
????? ... But Jon, they're cute...
How could I kill them?? I can't!!
????? · 2010-08-10: 18:23
manuele Very very beautiful,thanks for the information
manuele · 2010-08-11: 03:59
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