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223. The Beers Of Rickyland + A Challenge To Fellow Photbloggers

Super Bock
Cristal masquerading as Cintra
One from just over the Spanish border.
Ah ha, a drop of The Black Stuff!
The other week when I posted a Guinness picture, my friend Ricky commented that in his country, Portugal, the beers are much lighter. As much as I trust Ricky, I think that with such an important topic it would be wrong to take this information at face value, some more work would be needed. After undertaking a week of painstaking research I am pleased to be able to verify Ricky's hypothesis - the beers do tend to be lighter :-)

The Challenge:

When I was posting my Guinness photos, I thought that there can be few internationally recognised products that better represent the place they come from - Nigeria of course ;-) It set me thinking, what product would represent England in the same way (discounting football violence and Simon Cowell). I have come up with an answer and will make it my post on Friday 20th August. My challenge to you is, what product or export best represents your country/town/region? Perhaps you'd like to make a post for next Friday too.
atszabo IN my case that would be TOOOO easy, wouldn't it? Memphis, TN --- does that ring any bells?
atszabo · 2010-08-13: 09:00
????? that will be fun, hard, but fun. I'm pretty sure cows wouldn't count as an export or product~ I'm sure I'll come up with something!~ (they look quite good, I will take a tall one of #4!~ )
????? · 2010-08-13: 09:38
GKorts I jump in that boat Jon, at least the Ricky beers look nicely cold
GKorts · 2010-08-13: 10:15
????? hmmm beer, give it to me :P
????? · 2010-08-13: 15:03
????? hmmm superb!
????? · 2010-08-13: 15:50
lgnelson My sincere thanks to you for your tireless research to validate Ricky's claim. We're currently 1,100 miles from home, and won't be back until next Tuesday, so I can't join the fun on Friday, but I'll be watching with great interest! Neat idea, Jon!
lgnelson · 2010-08-13: 17:48
onlyricky To be honest, I can't tell you which beer i like the most. But all of them, if they are really fresh, they are very very good ;)
was 5# took in portugal, or from your country?
like you see, the color was not the same of your beers ;) they are lighter, but you've seen (in this case tasted) they are really nice! ;)

I'll take your challange! it looks nice to me, but tell me, it must be a product MADE in my country? and a product or can be 2 or 3? :P
onlyricky · 2010-08-13: 19:29
????? Waitress to me: "What kind of beer do you want"
Jan "Cold, a whole pitcher, make it two, here are my keys"
????? · 2010-08-13: 21:59
huiching I'd love to take your challenge, Jon!
huiching · 2010-08-14: 03:39
smbunation I don't really know how to illustrate 'fake people...' But I'm working on it... I'll have to get back to you on that one. ;)
smbunation · 2010-08-14: 10:08
????? COOL post :-))
Okay, i have tried most of the ones shown here, and must say, give me the Guinness please :-)
So, something special about our country...damn we have so many specialities in Belgium, most things should be easy, but i wonder if i can get a shot of a stupid politician ;-)))
i'll see if i find the time to get some shots
????? · 2010-08-15: 16:02
manuele very beautiful images
manuele · 2010-08-18: 05:30
Ryana @Peter: Our politicians make our country no more notorious than the politicians of other countries do with their country. ;))

We have several things I could show, see if I find the time to go out for some.

Ryana · 2010-08-18: 07:05
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