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golden chamber
Car Cat
wonderful hands
interesting neighbors
you can't pull the wool over her eyes
All these were taken on Sunday. It rained in the afternoon, and the flowers looked beautiful. I stopped to take pictures of the bold car cat and met some neighbors. The beautiful woman with dark hair is a friend who posts here at photoblog, I bet Patty B can figure out who!
t2d4th One and two are beautiful. The colors are so rich. The last is interesting. Is the guy in the background the same as the sitting portrait you took a few days ago?
t2d4th · 2007-05-31: 16:26
andrus great set.. I really like the black and white portraits!
andrus · 2007-05-31: 16:26
MidsummerSilence that iris is AMAZING! I am in awe... and so excited to see more of your lovely portrait work - the woman is beautiful whomever that mystery fellow photoblogger is! the last shot has a 'cool' feel about it... as in that he's a 'cool dude' not as in temperature
MidsummerSilence · 2007-05-31: 16:26
JuliaGotz yes, the guy in the background is alex from a few days ago. Taken on the same day, actually. Thanks for the comments!
JuliaGotz · 2007-05-31: 16:28
mattdross Everyone of them is excellent. 2, 4, and 5 are my favorites
mattdross · 2007-05-31: 16:32
Cabecilha great portraits here!
Cabecilha · 2007-05-31: 16:49
FBismark Congratulations, I enjoy a lot watching your pictures, the picture number one is more than beautiful, and the B&W shots, especially the neighbors , the picture of the second girl and the guy in the pub, really amazing!!!!

One again, congratulation, fantastic job.
FBismark · 2007-05-31: 18:07
mybigbackyard Simply great.
mybigbackyard · 2007-05-31: 18:08
tortoise Gorgeous.
tortoise · 2007-05-31: 18:25
sandmoon great portraits, love your B/W!
sandmoon · 2007-05-31: 19:25
Carley The portraits are excellent, as always. But this time I love the flowers (surprise!) The iris is spectacular, but I love the little yellow one. I love the focus, the composition, the colors, the dof..... all of it!
Carley · 2007-05-31: 23:26
Hardware You stole my flower!
Hardware · 2007-05-31: 23:39
miclaud Very nice series. The BW work is interesting. I like the portraits and the #1.
miclaud · 2007-06-01: 05:52
????? all are wonderful as always, the way your photograps present lives around you. I love them
????? · 2007-06-01: 08:15
storytaylor julia you have a wonderful work
storytaylor · 2007-06-01: 14:33
natasa7 an iris like that is missing from my collection..the cat is sitting on the car because of it warm...i think))
always good work!
natasa7 · 2007-06-01: 15:16
SuperG I'm most fond of the final photograph because it reminds me of a rainy day.
SuperG · 2007-06-02: 12:08
Soyam flowers have beautifull colors and people's pics have soul and this is really great expression
Soyam · 2007-06-03: 05:52
SIMages i keep on coming back to the last one. the moody look of the guy behind the bar intrigued me.
SIMages · 2007-06-03: 09:46
JuliaGotz In that one shot, he reminds me a little of John C. Reilly.
JuliaGotz · 2007-06-03: 11:05
monkeyface JG... beautiful work! I'm blushing.
monkeyface · 2007-06-05: 11:42
????? What a variety. So different but they evoke so many happy emotions. Beauty, warmth, friendship, reflection.
????? · 2007-06-05: 23:21
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