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can she be real? And then she smiled.
sixties theme in Yorkville
feel the music
heartbeat in the sky
burst of excitement: "that&#39s me!"
His is just one of dozens of searchlights pulsing in the sky
his own invention
I love this photo.
LuminaTO is a new festival of art and creativity in Toronto.

The Power Plant is hosting Pulse Front, an interactive light work. Massive searchlights all along the waterfront are controlled by the human pulse. Each searchlight has a station where passers by can grip two posts. The posts transmit information from their bodies to the light. What seems to happen is that when one person's pulse matches with another, the lights swivel and turn towards each other. I'm not sure of that, but they do seem to relate to each other somehow.

dsani a very impressive and beutiful set. A Good Job!
dsani · 2007-06-03: 10:08
Vedemus Thanks Julia for your nice comments.
Vedemus · 2007-06-03: 12:01
LaCos Beautiful portraits!
LaCos · 2007-06-03: 12:53
EddieD125 The power plant is just exhillerating, so extraordinary. Great pictures Julia... :)
EddieD125 · 2007-06-03: 15:41
Carley Great set! I love the child in "feel the music"....especially in #5......and the last shot. What a cool idea to have the searchlights controlled by the pulse! What fun!
Carley · 2007-06-03: 15:50
alexMachine great shots. love em.
alexMachine · 2007-06-03: 16:38
dogeatery I really like that Power Plant shot! It glows almost surreally. Also really like the couple from the second in the series, good choice of models.
dogeatery · 2007-06-03: 20:09
????? Interesting set - great shots!
????? · 2007-06-03: 20:39
Bizzaland Cool!!
The last one is my best
Bizzaland · 2007-06-03: 21:50
FBismark Very beautiful set!!!! very colorful!!! Did you take these shots in Yorkdale??
FBismark · 2007-06-03: 22:03
SilkeHoltmann Yeah - Flower-Power returns!
Love the first 4 pics!
SilkeHoltmann · 2007-06-04: 04:53
pepeluarca you are one of my favorite people photographer.
you are so special in capturing human nature.
pepeluarca · 2007-06-04: 08:08
tortoise Dimple!

Beautiful work.
tortoise · 2007-06-04: 09:11
JuliaGotz the first three are Yorkville.
The little girl is at a drumming festival in the north part of Queen's Park.
The remaining photos are at harbourfront.

Thanks for all your great comments!
JuliaGotz · 2007-06-04: 09:54
????? Thank you so much for sharing this:) It is the most wonderful and fun celebrate, and i wish i be there.
1st and 12th are my fav.
All are so wonderful catch as always your style
????? · 2007-06-04: 10:56
jonrake What a super series. As always great candids. You have the knack of capturing the most natural expressions.
jonrake · 2007-06-05: 09:27
????? I can't get over the first one! amazing!
????? · 2007-06-05: 23:44
stormfish awwww, 1-3 are just marvels (the rest look like pebbles against them)! you're constantly hitting my taste bone... it's starting to itch! ;-)
stormfish · 2007-06-11: 12:03
SuperG I'd forgotten that you were TO. These are cool. It's been a long long long time time since I lived there. These photos are a fond reminder of the good times I had and great art
I saw. Awesome pics.
SuperG · 2007-06-16: 00:01
????? this is beautiful work ..I love the whole set but the shots of the little girl are so priceless..:)
????? · 2007-07-01: 09:46
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