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my dad can fix anything

I asked to borrow his saw to make a cat door, and this is how it turned out - dad here with his toolbox, making the cat door, and then fixing everything else in the place that needed his expertise.
He didn't want me to borrow the saw and do it myself because "it takes a steady hand". I ask (rhetorically) "how can you DEVELOP a steady hand except by sawing?" and he answers "Filing metal. I developed a steady hand filing metal". Well, what am I going to say to that?
I'm looking through the newly cut opening. As usual, there is Gordie at my dad's feet, watching him when he's working. He's really my father's cat. On my birthday last year, I went with my parents to get ONE kitten, and chose Jack. My mother thought Jack might get lonely. My father chose Gordie. Gordie seems to know this.
Looking for something in the toolbox. Once more into the breach!
"You can't repair a broken post with glue! You need a dowel to make it strong again. Don't have a dowel? I'll make something fit."
How much I love these hands!
Aha. This will do it.
killers that s great!
killers · 2007-08-08: 22:42
Claret awww some great moments!!
Claret · 2007-08-08: 22:47
Iriss Lovely little story! Thanks for sharing! :)
Iriss · 2007-08-08: 23:35
stormfish once again, you deserve the title of most private investigator of sensitive insight into animated living beings.... :-)
stormfish · 2007-08-09: 05:43
matheusgr Hi, Julia.

That is a great, lovely post. And you managed to take pictures that convey this great thing about dads I cannot put my finger on, but it´s there.

Congratulations twice: for being lucky of having a great dad and for taking this amazing series.

Keep shooting.
matheusgr · 2007-08-09: 08:06
noptek Nice set and humorous comment.
noptek · 2007-08-09: 08:19
abbeyh13 dads are wonderful!!
love the b&w shot!
abbeyh13 · 2007-08-09: 08:51
monkeyface *sigh*.... I love your dad.

These are wonderful!!!
monkeyface · 2007-08-09: 10:45
Carley These shots are wonderful!
Could I please borrow your Dad?
Carley · 2007-08-09: 11:30
????? Your photographs always alive and they are remarable. It just very natural and make me feel like I watching the whole story by myself.

My dad like to fix and make thing too:)) He even make bed by himself. Look like your dad do every thing evey gentle and calm:)) Very sweet dad you have.
????? · 2007-08-09: 12:23
mariovirga Great dad! Fantastic post!
mariovirga · 2007-08-09: 13:28
TIM927 This is wonderful,,i love people like that, loved this set!
TIM927 · 2007-08-09: 17:22
tortoise He rocks. You're pretty good, too.
tortoise · 2007-08-09: 18:09
vollenda Wonderful set. You father is a so awesome. Gordie knows which side his bread is buttered on! Funny how animals attach themselves to someone, you'd think it would be the person feeding them but it's not always the case.
vollenda · 2007-08-09: 18:36
????? The hands - yes - strength/skill/character - I see the appeal!

I do think animals can sense the warmth of the inner person - I see it often.
????? · 2007-08-09: 19:20
PIXELPUNK10010 There is just so much character in this set. Im sure I cant add anything more wonderful than what people have already said, but I love it.
PIXELPUNK10010 · 2007-08-09: 20:00
thepictureman Very nice portraits of your Dad and Gordie.
thepictureman · 2007-08-09: 22:11
Helen Beautiful set!
Helen · 2007-08-10: 08:28
photopoet There's so much love in this set. Thanks for sharing.
photopoet · 2007-08-10: 23:33
makaid That is great. Very intimate portraits of a great man.
makaid · 2007-08-11: 10:40
maharba that's the spirit
maharba · 2007-08-11: 16:56
Gstav 70 plus years of care and concern on that handsome face! Great shots.
Gstav · 2007-08-12: 22:57
ankush vimawala lovely portraits. expressions very nicely captured. i love the photo of the kitty too - very nicely framed, and perfect use of dof.
ankush vimawala · 2007-08-13: 13:02
emmetan He looks good in no 4
emmetan · 2007-08-13: 19:53
jendayee Touching post ! They want to be useful and it's great he had this opportunity ! At home it would be my mum doing this :)))
jendayee · 2007-08-14: 11:24
MidsummerSilence what an amazing and touching post. every image is so powerful on it's own.. and when you combine them... they provide a strength and warmth that only the love of a daughter for her father can provide. what a wonderful wonderful set.
MidsummerSilence · 2007-08-14: 13:27
t2d4th Just terrific. The last photo is my favorite. The look on his face and hands at work are a terrific combination.
t2d4th · 2007-08-15: 21:51
longimanus This is one of your most powerful, touching, heartwarming portrait I`ve seen from you! Probably, because your model is a very important person for you... and you took so much care of the perspectives, even small details. His lough is great on the first and I like his concentration on no. 7! And he must be a wise man! (I would love to photograph my father too, but I cant anymore, You are lucky)!
longimanus · 2007-08-18: 16:07
ilana i love my zaidyyyyyy
ilana · 2007-08-23: 16:05
JuliaGotz Ilana! Hey, he's the best!
JuliaGotz · 2007-08-23: 17:20
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