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the end of summer

Outside the Princess Gates at the Canadian National Exhibition - known here as 'The EX'. This is where you end summer in Toronto. NB: I have been CORRECTED. These are not the Princess Gates. They are in fact the Princes' Gates, named for the prince of Wales and his brother. But everyone calls them the Princess Gates. Thanks Sue. (and everyone (me and Elena) thought the angel on top was the princess).
She's on a parade float, throwing beads to the masses. Taking it seriously, she scans the crowd for deserving citizens.
Get the ball in the basket, win the prize. 'looks easy'.
I used to love these games. My father would explain - the weighted balls, the tricks, how cheap the big prizes really were. And still, they would let me spend my allowance or trip money giving it a try. And again. 'Till my money ran out and I had that empty feeling. Never did get one of those huge stuffed animals that looked to me like heaven on earth.
Everyone sits apart, waiting for the ride to start, and as soon as it does, they are flung to the other side, pressing against their partner. Very clever! These two don't mind.
He missed.
So many men walking around cradling stuffed animals. Only at the ex - where it's a sign of prowess. Carebear is in love.
Nectar of the gods. Still love that feeling of cotton candy dissolving in my mouth. Sugar headache!
When I was this age, my best friend Rhonda and I would put on our blue eye shadow (love's baby soft) and go to the ex in the evening ON OUR OWN. We'd flirt with the cute boys that ran the rides. Sometimes they would let us stay on the same ride over and over, until we felt sick.
beautiful young woman on the ferris wheel.
the view from the ferris wheel to the princess gates.
the view from the gates to the wheel. goodbye summer.
Cabecilha this is a true celebration of summer, fairs, entertaiment, vacations, but above all... OF PEOPLE! :)
Cabecilha · 2007-09-03: 08:33
Carley I like what both Cabecilha and MademoiselleE have said, and they echo my feelings about this set. So alive and colorful and vibrant....and such wonderful shots of people!
Carley · 2007-09-03: 09:18
gkata1 spectacular series
gkata1 · 2007-09-03: 09:24
abbeyh13 gosh!! I look forward to your posts daily!!
you never let me down!!
abbeyh13 · 2007-09-03: 09:38
makaid You truly captured the happiness in all of their faces. Great portraits.
makaid · 2007-09-03: 09:57
garysktam bellissime! What a woonderful serie.
garysktam · 2007-09-03: 10:02
EddieD125 Oh those pictures and your words brought back memories. I remember also playing all them games, spending every cent I had. They should be ashamed of themselves hahaha. very well done. I did win a couple big prizes, but not the one I really wanted. That number 18 photo is so good and the gal so pretty, you brought out such good details. Good job.
EddieD125 · 2007-09-03: 10:42
emmetan i really like no 10 and 16. 10 is my fav!
emmetan · 2007-09-03: 12:02
????? This set is beautiful. Your portraits are always wonderful.
????? · 2007-09-03: 14:17
????? great stuff...very festive look :)
????? · 2007-09-03: 14:23
noptek Great set. Beautiful portraits
noptek · 2007-09-03: 14:27
????? lol...I love "he missed"! Great eye!
????? · 2007-09-03: 14:32
????? So great!
????? · 2007-09-03: 17:37
shawnseah This is an amazing set. Very well captured. U've really transported me to wherever you had taken those shots. =)
shawnseah · 2007-09-04: 05:40
photopoet This set creates such an incredible panorama of a particular place and time that I feel as if I'm walking behind you staring at the stuffed animals, the sights, rides and people.
photopoet · 2007-09-04: 06:35
monkeyface I was at the CNE yesterday.... were you?
That "end of summer" feeling was definitely present.
My fave is #10.

I prefer candy apples.... yum!
monkeyface · 2007-09-04: 07:37
Sue The Princes? Edward, Prince of Wales, and his brother, Prince George, who visited in 1927. For my fellow pedantics.
Sue · 2007-09-04: 09:50
????? ....melancholy sets in looking at picture of summers end living in Canada a reality
Great photos
????? · 2007-09-04: 14:21
nasser really beautiful set
nasser · 2007-09-05: 07:10
moonunit80 So fun. It reminds me of some unspecific happy time in my own life. I especially love 10.
moonunit80 · 2007-09-05: 07:49
PeggyM What a fun and beautiful set <><
PeggyM · 2007-09-05: 10:44
jendayee Excellent portraits !!! I always feel embarrassed to shoot peoplein public places, but seeing these shots would probably help me to try one day. I LOVE that set a lot ! thank you and bravo !
jendayee · 2007-09-05: 19:10
????? Oh - I hate that sinking feeling that I get when I think of the Ex starting and even worse when it ends. That last picture captures it (too) well.

I have more than once had a cynical thought that maybe some of those guys smuggled those things in.
????? · 2007-09-06: 00:24
t2d4th You are such a great people watcher! You capture terrific moments. #10 is my favorite of this set. Smart guy! :-)
t2d4th · 2007-09-08: 11:17
????? I love 18 and the light in the last one.. fitting last shot!!!
????? · 2007-09-11: 22:28
????? Awesome pics!
????? · 2008-08-27: 21:55
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