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Sarah at work

Sarah is a dancer and a personal trainer.
it's all about the abs - core strength.
Sarah's client is working on restoring strength and mobility.
Dance has proven very helpful to people with Parkinson's disease.
Sarah is looking for funding to run groups so that more people with parkinson's can afford to benefit from the power of dance and movement.
Sarah's website has been launched, including some of these photos and information about her work training people with Parkinson's Disease.

Sarah is raising funds to run dance training for people with this disease.


my mom is getting better now. thanks to you all who sent messages of support.

Madoc Glad to see the passionnate Sarah again.
You've come up with another fantastic set of portraits.
You've caught their emotions and interractions wonderfully.
Really beautiful.
Madoc · 2008-01-15: 20:30
t2d4th Awesome. She has such compassion in her eyes.
Glad to hear your mom is doing better!
t2d4th · 2008-01-15: 21:06
abbeyh13 oh what a great blog!!
I admire sarah and what she is doing!
she is beautiful and I admire her passion!
abbeyh13 · 2008-01-15: 21:37
lexlevans these are awesome! i love 2-4, the connection between then is awesome. you are so good!
lexlevans · 2008-01-15: 21:48
bamommy Nice set! I can tell Sarah has a good heart! She must take after her friends. Like you.
bamommy · 2008-01-15: 22:11
DancingDolphin Beautiful set.... I love the last one in particular... a perfect 'moment'!
DancingDolphin · 2008-01-15: 22:37
saeid great job
saeid · 2008-01-16: 00:24
Bushman i love those photos! Sarah is smiling all the time :) that's so great :)
Bushman · 2008-01-16: 01:14
davidcardona Great subject! Nice composition and depth of field. This is Inspiring. Julia Gotz`s work have too much hEArt & sOUl!!! Thanks for sharing!
davidcardona · 2008-01-16: 04:35
????? Also if you don't visit my blog and don't make any comment, I continue to follow your Blog because I like your works very much. If you come in Rome this evening I will give you a piece of kake for my Birthday .
????? · 2008-01-16: 08:25
stormfish how come that everyone you take pictures of turns out beautiful?

can i order a series of myself?
stormfish · 2008-01-16: 08:43
Karibbean very nice shots!!!!
Karibbean · 2008-01-16: 09:53
mamus great :)
mamus · 2008-01-16: 12:00
longimanus She loves her job... this is what I`ve seen immediately when I saw her face. Your portraits always amaze me!
longimanus · 2008-01-16: 14:48
jendayee Good to hear that your mum is doing better !
very nice reportage on Sarah, beautiful personality
jendayee · 2008-01-17: 18:06
????? No doubt that anyone would benefit from spending time dancing and training with this energetic Sarah!

I just met another woman last week who also has Parkinson's. It was touching for me to talk with her about it.
????? · 2008-01-23: 00:40
????? wow...great photo story....
????? · 2008-01-25: 11:44
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