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inner city
they share the space
they fall hard
they fly

more sk8ers

LaerkeHald very nice set! number 7 is my favorite. its great:)
LaerkeHald · 2008-05-18: 09:55
????? Skater dudes! I love these. I have added shadow man to my favs...it reminds me of an album cover of a grunge band.

I really like the glow around #1 - I cannot work out of that is due to editing or the glow from the sun...but it's cool, fake or natural!

#5 is hot with the scribbled out lines though the shadow. It's the kind of thing I would miss, but I can imagine you saw that and waited for the right moment.

I always love skater images, I think they have so much energy and a street edginess to them, which I really love.
????? · 2008-05-18: 10:55
ootgoody i like them. youth and free spirit.
ootgoody · 2008-05-18: 12:05
????? 7 stands out to me.. my eye just stayed glued there for the longest time .. the light and shadows .. it is spiritual in so many ways... alot of freedom...

1 stood out also .. just the angle and position.. and the glow... :)
????? · 2008-05-18: 13:39
EddieD125 Nice effects. :) Putting more into it as usual. Love visiting your photos, always something different. :))
EddieD125 · 2008-05-18: 14:08
Jthompson great job playing with shadows, the images, especially the ones withoput shadows, appear like sillouettes and are reminiscent of shadows. nice perspective.
Jthompson · 2008-05-18: 16:17
abbeyh13 i love love love #5.....
you do such a fabulous job no matter what your subect!
i love your work.
abbeyh13 · 2008-05-18: 18:20
ThomasChu very beautiful shots of motion. :)
ThomasChu · 2008-05-19: 01:50
Michka43 5 and 7 are my favs, great set
Michka43 · 2008-05-19: 04:27
davidcardona Great concept! Excellent work and very interesting cuts. Wonderful editing work! cOngrAts!
davidcardona · 2008-05-19: 04:45
AlexandraPechabaden Amazing light around the bodies...
AlexandraPechabaden · 2008-05-19: 06:29
Peche I love these shots, Julia, but particularly the essence and aura you have captured in the first shot... I can see why you've named the post spiritual... if these images were cropped, they would all look as if they were deep in prayer and we would be none the wiser to what they were actually doing...
Peche · 2008-05-19: 07:50
t2d4th 7 is so cool!!!
t2d4th · 2008-05-20: 10:35
BswPhoto I skated for like 12 years until i cracked my leg bone all up, and had to retire...... I love you for this post....this is one subject that i wont shoot ever, cause of the addiction to it i once had, it would be a losing battle for me to put down my camera and pick a board instead. skateboards are what got me out of cameras as a teen....
Thanks for posting!!!!
favorite'd #5
BswPhoto · 2008-05-22: 00:37
chipotle i don't know whether you cropped the first shot or simply caught the image like that. no matter, it's an arresting composition. and you could not have paid for a more beautiful sky.
chipotle · 2008-05-24: 09:18
munawwirkhan Love them
munawwirkhan · 2008-05-25: 06:37
vrignaud as an old skater, i think that you have seen something else from this sport. yes something spiritual… beautiful
vrignaud · 2008-05-26: 14:09
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