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Today it was not hard to come up with a subject.... my other love... apart from Brett (TWO DAYS haha)!!
Though downloading and file sharing is technical legal here in Canada, I still cannot resist supporting my favorite artists to run out and buy their albums when they are released... and I have to admit, today is a day I have been counting down to as regularly as I've been counting down to Brett's visit....
I'm a HUGE Bryan Adams fan (read: obsessive dork....) How could I not be? Aside from his music that I adore... the man is such a talented photographer and a few years ago I got a steal on his book, beautiful portraits of famous American Woman! I love it!!...
The last two photos... well the first was taken by yours truly on December 8th, 2005 (OH I remember it well haha) as I sat front row and centre at a BA concert in Ottawa! I had convinced the parents to buy me the tickets for Christmas and brought along my roomie Veronica... while purchasing beer I was approached by a roadie who presented me with two second row tickets... I almost died of over excitement! To make it better we made friends with the wonderful girls in front of us... who pulled us into front row with them... where the wonderful and talented Mr Adams ending up jumping down to not only hug us... but also grab our cameras to snap pictures of us with him! Mine didn't turn out so well (It was zoomed god dammit!!!)... but the girls we met exchanged e-mails with us and I had this sent to me! (I'm on the left.. in the black shirt holding the little blue point and shoot haha).... Turns out one of the girls was the sister of one of our friends and we had no idea until him and I got to talking the next day and made the connection!! Small world!! :) And here concludes my novelesque post!... Hope you enjoyed... and if you actually read this far... you deserve an award of some sort! :)
ambersunsets Boy, you can feel your energy in this post! It looks like a crazy fun girls night out:-) I never knew Bryan Adams was also a photographer. I'll have to check it out!
ambersunsets · 2008-03-18: 20:27
haushinka humm I love Bryan too, but not that much eheh
looks like it was the time of your life, cool shots!

and... I want my-some-sort-award!!:D
haushinka · 2008-03-18: 20:55
????? i read it.
what do i win?
by the way, the last picture is awesome cause of the fact that he actually took the pictures. hahaha
????? · 2008-03-18: 23:43
Peche Awesome shots Ker!!! The tones and lighting in the first two are superb, and the character in the last shot and the expressions on all the fans' faces are priceless! Not to mention that it looks like Bryan took the shot :D
I must admit, though I am nowhere near a huge fan, I did enjoy the Robin Hood theme song back in the early 90s... I think it was called "Everything I Do"? Soppy, but I really liked it... hehehe
Peche · 2008-03-19: 03:28
focussed Ok so how damn cool is that last shot?! you sound CRAZY fanatical...but in a cute
So whats the verdict?... Is the album any good?
I cant pretend to share your enthusiasm at all....hehehe..but I'll happily sit and admire how giggly and excited you get about him ;)
focussed · 2008-03-19: 08:04
coyoteself GREAT set! I like his music, but it's a rare day when you hear of an artist getting that close to their fans at or especially during a concert.
coyoteself · 2008-03-19: 10:46
Queen911 This is soooo cool!!!
Queen911 · 2008-03-19: 17:18
PaperWings Wow, you really are a fan!! I do have a love for "Summer of '69!"
PaperWings · 2008-03-19: 20:20
bamommy I love the photos. They are totally making me smile. So glad you got the new album
bamommy · 2008-03-20: 11:29
eklypse37 These are fantastic shots! I love his song "Inside Out."
eklypse37 · 2008-03-22: 13:50
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