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Blue and White

My Mom collects ALL things blue and white.... and I mean ALL!! I could've probably made my biggest post yet (well two biggest posts, as I'm sure it would go beyond one day) if i were to photograph everything she has!

Day two was even better than day one. I must admit, I was still a tad nervous because there is still a lot to learn, but when I got in this morning and sat down with my Account Director again and spoke with her.... I became excited all over again... and even leaving work tonight I'm excited to go back again tomorrow. It really will be fantastic and I can't get over how wonderful and helpful and understanding everyone is!!....

On a high note... YAY! Tomorrow is Friday... which means my weekend of fun posts! Can't wait to share them!! Happy weekend (in advance) everyone! :)
ncshutterbug Ooh, I love blue and white - so pretty! I'm glad your second day went well, too. This sounds promising!
ncshutterbug · 2008-04-03: 19:43
Queen911 Beautiful macro..I'm looking forward to the post this weekend.
Queen911 · 2008-04-03: 20:33
????? nothing wrong with favorite colors... i'm obsessed with orange and blue.
????? · 2008-04-04: 10:57
glennis I too love blue and white!! Have a good weekend!
glennis · 2008-04-04: 12:36
Kovac Great colors and close-ups ;)
Kovac · 2008-04-04: 14:02
mrutherford22 I love that second shot. The colors and focus are perfect! Great job!

What a teaser these weekend photos are! I can't wait to see them. Have fun and enjoy it!
mrutherford22 · 2008-04-04: 15:43
domelia Collection intéressante : on trouve beaucoup d'objets en bleu et blanc..
domelia · 2008-04-04: 16:38
ambersunsets Very beautiful shots!
Can't wait for the weekend shots:)
ambersunsets · 2008-04-04: 22:49
shiqin ooh i love this set! great colours! =D
shiqin · 2008-04-05: 11:45
PaperWings I love blue and white! So crisp.
Great shots!
cant wait for these anticipated weekend shots!!
PaperWings · 2008-04-05: 19:05
Riyaz Great Pics! Especially Love the first one! Nice Blue and white!
Riyaz · 2008-04-06: 22:16
haushinka Glad to hear that!!keep it up=)
haushinka · 2008-04-07: 18:15
bamommy Pretty photos. That is so cool that your mom collects colors
bamommy · 2008-04-09: 22:03
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