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The Reject Georgetown Photos, As Promised

A cute little corner market, sadly marred by the fact that the photographer accidentally had the camera on the "halogen" setting.
A lock on the C and O Canal, which ends in Georgetown.
Another view of the C and O Canal, sadly marred by the fact that the photographer was holding the camera at a slightly skewed angle vis-a-vis the horizon.
The Potomac River, and the Key Bridge, which goes from Georgetown to Rosslyn in Northern Virginia.
Georgetown, as it really looks. Well, as it would really look if you were slightly drunk and wearing shades with blue lenses.
bouds When would one want to use the halogen setting?

And what is it with view restaurants and their mediocrity?
bouds · 2009-01-13: 00:19
Quailia and what is the C and O canal?
Quailia · 2009-01-13: 03:19
Liiisa I think the halogen setting is for indoor shots with lightbulbs... it's a white balance setting. Somehow when you use it inside it doesn't turn everything blue the way it does outside.

Q: Yes, that was rather uninformative of me. the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

We call that a "pickup truck" in these here parts, JenPat.
Liiisa · 2009-01-13: 07:13
megaera I'm having an anoraky moment, and noting that the canal has gate and not ground padddles, but they are a weird mix of the sort that one finds in England (the lift up kind, as seen in the top of those gates, atlhough ground paddles are more common here) and the swivelling kind one finds on the canals of New England. Just thought you'd all be fascinated to know that.

Was it a transport or a power canal?
megaera · 2009-01-13: 07:50
Quailia can't help my ignorance Liiisa - looks interesting
Quailia · 2009-01-13: 08:04
thisismizb Liiis- whever I go to G'town I always walk a little bit along the canal because I usually look for parking down in the bowels of K Street.

I know it's "poncey", but I've always like Georgetown.

Second that vehicle is a pickup truck.
thisismizb · 2009-01-13: 08:37
Liiisa I know it was used for trade & transport - it was the main link in its day between the Great Lakes and the Chesapeake Bay. Therefore I suppose the answer would be "transport canal." Though there were mills nearby - this is a piece of one that I've got up on my flickr site:


megs, I'll devote myself to putting lots of canal pix on this for the remainder of the photoblog project, if it makes you happy; I end up there in different stretches rather a lot because of birding etc.

There's also an old 18th-c parallel canal on the Virginia side called the "Powtowmack Canal," but you can only get there by canoe. I used to go there a lot in my paddling days.

It's hella poncey, MizB! And it sadly kind of sucks because most of the places I used to go to there are gone now (e.g., the Key and Biograph Theatres).
Liiisa · 2009-01-13: 09:40
siister Thanks to everyone for the Hello's yesterday!!


She also took photos of the seemingly endless twee red houses that are requisite on each street. There must be a local ordinance controlling their existence, :-)
siister · 2009-01-13: 10:35
websterella I think you're over criticising your own pictures.
websterella · 2009-01-13: 10:42
Liiisa rotflmao -- hi siister! :D Yeah, the little red house didn't make the cut 'cos Photoblog has a 5-photo/day limit and I decided that the market had more Historical Significance.

Oh Webs, thanks. I'm my biggest critic... I have a bit of a perfectionist streak.
Liiisa · 2009-01-13: 11:29
natashazoe oh these made me nostalgic. I used to go down there a couple of times a week for lunch with then-bf, funny all the times I walked along the canal I never once pondered what the C&O stood for.
natashazoe · 2009-01-14: 20:12
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