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Green Swag

A lovely hat handmade from recycled cashmere!
OK, there's nothing that can be done for this photo. I tried, really I did. And it's actually incredibly, addictively, obsessively tasty stuff - spicy dehydrated kale snack. I know that sounds vile, and in this photo it looks sort of like cat vomit, but really, it's amazing.
Today I worked on the "Green Team" at the DC Green Festival. I got into all sorts of wonderful conversations - it was lots of fun.

This work consisted of standing behind a bin for compost, a bin for mixed recycling, and a bin for landfill, and showing festival attendees what goes in which bin. (It sounds obvious but it's not always, since they've got things like compostable cornstarch plastic glasses and flatware that most people aren't used to composting.) Last year they managed to divert 98% of the trash generated by the festival from going to the landfill.

Then after that, MizB showed up and we wandered around the exhibits and bought some cool ecologically sensitive swag!
moxxxie Sorry, that stuff really does look like the stuff the dog throws up after she's been eating grass. Excellent that you hung out with MizB.
moxxxie · 2010-10-23: 22:31
Oweena Sure you didn't get that dehydrated kale stuff out of the compost bin?
Oweena · 2010-10-23: 23:00
rezinka Erm... sorry, I have to second the ladies above.
Yay for MizB visit!
rezinka · 2010-10-24: 03:57
Liiisa lmao... I know, I hesitate even to tell you the brand so that people don't pull up this photo when they're googling it. It really is good, though. She can corroborate this!
Liiisa · 2010-10-24: 05:46
elora cool looking hat? (or should that be warm looking?)
My Dad's town just got green boxes for their organic matter (and to go along with the existing blue boxes for other recyclables). Am jealous.
elora · 2010-10-24: 18:18
veronicainheels its a hat! i thought it was chocolate ( on the small photo)

dehydrated kale??? sounds like 80's hippie dish... no thanks
veronicainheels · 2010-10-24: 21:27
ShangriLa No more kale pictures please!
ShangriLa · 2010-10-24: 22:23
Liiisa Ha ha, sorry veronica! She comes in expecting chocolate and gets dehydrated kale. Seriously though, you guys don't know what you're missing - the stuff is unbelievably crack-like.
Liiisa · 2010-10-25: 13:32
scicaro I've heard good things about crispy kale.
scicaro · 2010-10-27: 03:58
thisismizb mmm, that kale was sooo goood!! (really!!)
thisismizb · 2010-11-01: 20:02
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