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flipado · 2009-01-27: 13:11
Love this set. That sushi shot brought a smile to my face. Now I'm off to find some sushi of my own :):)
jchantra · 2009-01-27: 03:03
What a CUTiE!!!! he looks so different, those eyes, great shots =)
thanks...he's turning 2 months in a week...and he's very much wide awake quite often now...hopefully i'll get in some more good shots...
jchantra · 2009-01-27: 03:00
Reply ⇔ Khaye.25th.BDay
NICELY DONE JOEL!!!! these are great! and that cake is super cute :)
thanks again...finally found a use for grandma's old tap shoes!
jchantra · 2009-01-27: 02:59
Reply ⇔ Golden Slumbers
Love,LOve,love these!!! that's a perfect title :)
thanks...u know where I got the title from right?
mouette · 2009-01-14: 04:06
oh wow! these colors are amazing!
Thank you for all theses nices comments !
mouette · 2009-01-14: 03:25
Reply ⇔ For Pikto ;-) !
neat idea, I really like the astronaut
It was really funny to do and me too, I like the astronaut who I don't shot, I haven't visited the moon yet :-)) !
mouette · 2009-01-14: 03:23
oh my goodness! these little ones are so darn CUTE!
Oh Thank you ! And that's true, they are so cute ;-) !
miles · 2009-01-13: 11:35
love me sum Dim Sum in chi town! Great interpretation of the Bay area ;)
Thanks for your nice comments
jchantra · 2008-12-28: 18:02
Reply ⇔ Vegas.2008.Day1
these turned out GREAT! Love # 1 & 6 =)..ha.ha..caption on #5 is very clever
hahaha i thought you would like that caption...thanks!

hey...post them pics of janette and I...i want to see how they came out.
jchantra · 2008-12-21: 01:55
These are so so cute! Love his double chin and those lips. what a chubster =) he's adorable. Love #2
thanks...he sure is a chubby one...i think i want to take a pic of him with a big mac...hahaha