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Hello, I am Charlie, a male, 2.5m long oceanic whitetip shark (Carcharhinus longimanus ). I live in the surrounding waters of the Brother Islands (Red Sea). The white markings on the tip of my dorsal fin serve as a recognition signal, so that we can recognize each other with the members of my species, and will not begin to hunt each other! We can grow quite large; gigantic specimens may reach 3.5-3.95m, but most are less than 3m. My behaviour is to say the least, unpredictable. It is sometimes slow, lazy, and stubborn, but often aggressive and dangerous. What divers may see is the difference between excited predatory behaviour and normal "cruising" behaviour. As a pelagic shark I never stop swimming - most sharks are denser than water, and if we stop swimming, we will sink - so most of the time I slowly cruise along at the surface. However, when I sense food, I go into "predatory mode" which is marked by increased speed and aggressiveness. At my "dinner table" often dominate other pelagic sharks, like the silky shark, as long as the other shark is not much bigger than myself! I am very inquisitive, persistent and bold when it comes to checking out possible food sources, and will investigate almost anything they come across, including divers! My species does not seem to be endangered in any way, despite the fact that we are regularly caught on open ocean longlines (and then used for meat, fins [for shark-fin soup] and vitamins [extracted from my liver]). Hopefully it will remain this way, so I can continue to help maintain the ecological balance in the open ocean, and continue to amaze you with my remarkable behaviour and lifestyles. If you want to visit, I’ll be there, and promise will not bite you!
massimousai You did?!?
massimousai · 2007-05-11: 08:08
SilkeHoltmann Sorry Charlie, I don`t belief you - nevertheless - you looks very nice!
SilkeHoltmann · 2007-05-11: 08:17
pujanshrestha absolutely, amazing shots, still don't believe you
pujanshrestha · 2007-05-11: 10:05
longimanus Oh, u can beleive me! Men harm animals on purpose, not the other way around.
longimanus · 2007-05-11: 10:29
storytaylor you are the best bite machine
storytaylor · 2007-05-11: 11:03
Metamorhous amazing!!! amazing animal and photos
Metamorhous · 2007-05-11: 11:26
mariovirga WOWWW! Stunning! Great set!
mariovirga · 2007-05-11: 11:34
Yanko Wow! these are great! I wish I could do that kind of photography!
Yanko · 2007-05-11: 12:55
natasa7 en tuti osszeszartam volna magam, ha meglatom Charliet magam korul cruisolni...brrr
es tenyleg allandoan uszniuk kell? sosem alszanak?
olvasom a commentjeidet es a legtobbszor ugyanaz jut eszembe nekem is egy keprol ami neked)
natasa7 · 2007-05-11: 17:34
Hippocampus Very good! How did you get close to the shark? Did you bait it in? : ) Sharks are usually more afraid of divers and all my shark encounters were not close enough for a good shot!
Hippocampus · 2007-05-12: 07:07
longimanus Hi Hippocampus! If I should go to S. Asia, you should than come to Egypt, Red Sea to snorkel with dolphins (on safaris garanteed) and get your shark shots! I agree, most sharks are very shy, but not the Oceanic! Very verycurious guy! There was a strong current at this dive with Charlie, and I was drifted away with him alone for a while into the blue, was fascinating! He was the whole time circling around me, and I was happy to have at least the huge camerahousing between him and me. Cheers
longimanus · 2007-05-12: 07:38
????? Superb!
????? · 2007-05-12: 08:20
sethd100 awesome shots cool
sethd100 · 2007-05-12: 11:39
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