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Falling star

traces of gunshots from 56`
I`ve found this statue of him apparently falling off a wall in Budapest. at 15 Mansfeld Peter (1941-59) and his family became victims of state terror. at 16 he became a freedom fighter to participate in the 1956 Revolution against Soviet oppression. at 17 he was betrayed and arrested by the dreaded Secret Police (AVH). he had to spend the remainder of his life in a political prison, called Hell's Hallway, to reach the legal age of 18 before his death penalty could be carried out. Peter Mansfeld was 18 when he was unjustly executed by the totalitarian regime of Hungary. today he is remembered as one of the national heroes of Hungary.
redro How sad, it's overwhelming, it feels me with rage that these things could happen.
He deserved to have a life hero or not...and nobody has the right to steal it from anybody .
redro · 2009-09-03: 16:49
????? Very sad, to many people were executed for all the wrong reasons, by all sorts of regimes.
First shot is stunning!!
????? · 2009-09-03: 17:13
hannamagnusson a sad story, a wonderful photo - I added the first to my favorites!
hannamagnusson · 2009-09-04: 01:22
????? Thank you for highlighting these moments of sacrifice and betrayal..
????? · 2009-09-04: 05:53
dontblink Wow, #1 is great. Interesting history, thanks for sharing.
dontblink · 2009-09-04: 07:51
davids Excellent post - it is so easy to take for granted the freedoms most of us have and the ultimate cost paid by so many people for those freedoms over the years
davids · 2009-09-04: 08:34
stormfish an angel without wings.

i would like to know more about hungarian history... and what became of it today. just last night, i learned a lot about swiss history and discovered there is many things we can't change, we're just being thrown around by. this post of yours makes me feel like i could become a falling star myself in every moment. maybe i already am?
stormfish · 2009-09-06: 07:16
????? Thank you for sharing this. The pictures are beautiful, but the story is one of human ugliness........
????? · 2009-09-09: 01:44
Unchained Shot 1 is absolutely beautiful. It seems to me that the figure is trying to stop his fall.
Unchained · 2009-09-13: 13:47
TIM927 sad,,,unfair,,,as life in itself for many many people.
TIM927 · 2009-09-15: 08:51
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