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Rainy Day

Raining too hard to go out with camera. So I dug this up from days gone by, and it will have to do.
Raining like a bugger here, and I am sure that it was the Europeans wishing it upon me! And a heat wave to boot!
stuey It's still beautiful. lol
stuey · 2012-07-16: 20:18
josy63 A heart of light which reveals itself splendidly! Very beautiful photo Larry!
You're right: Europeans had enough rain and sent it upon you:))
josy63 · 2012-07-17: 00:33
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matusw564 · 2012-07-17: 03:07
Annbramwell And we have sunshine here in England for a change this morning.... Yay! It worked... it worked...
That is a beautiful flower Larry, it looks like a mini blast of sunshine to brighten up your day!
Annbramwell · 2012-07-17: 03:26
kwibusje beautiful, the little sunshine from flower is her very welcome.
kwibusje · 2012-07-17: 04:02
iandshiraz so nice
iandshiraz · 2012-07-17: 04:37
angil My friend, here it's 40 ºC. Uffff
angil · 2012-07-17: 04:46
Francesc21 Wonderful shot!!
Francesc21 · 2012-07-17: 10:28
idorudoll Rainy day here as well...and in a few minutes...sun! I hate that kind of weather... Never know what is going to happen out there, whether it's going to rain or not... Anyway, lovely colours and the capture! :)
idorudoll · 2012-07-17: 11:05
JustmeG Wonderful! perfect tones and light!
JustmeG · 2012-07-17: 18:47
Unchained I confirm what angil said!! Beautiful flower.
Unchained · 2012-07-17: 19:15
Ryana hahaha ... glad the rain made it ti your part of the world ... and left Belgium ... ;-)

Still you have posted a nice capture of this beautiful flower.
Ryana · 2012-07-18: 07:00
mazpics Wow, this is stunning. Saved straight to my faves.
mazpics · 2012-07-18: 13:03
????? The bright orange is amazing. !
????? · 2012-07-18: 17:59
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