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Pressed Glass Pendants: Cabezas de los Muertos

"We are harmless little dead glass skulls, all formed up in the hottest of coruscating Witching Hour fire, all tricked out wit' gold teeth like plenny respeckable gangsta' folk got, and wit' faces greener than 'most any Highway... An' we got Teeth... Little Gold Teeth... Eyeses too, yessss, BIG gold eyeses... Silly silly Gold... And dead, too, but did we mention yet that we and our Gold and all, are all DEAD? Trussst usss, we KNOW... "
Oh, but oh do just call on US against your Enemies Infandous while the Dark o' th' Moon is in full flower, and just you watch what happens then... Just watch... Only blame us not in the After-Events, for WE are Deaa-ad... Soo-oo utterly deaa-ad... Awww...
Weepin' and wailin' and gnashin' of teeth's all over for these two Dead Heads and the Hoary Dead Horde they just might head, come Dreamtime about that time of year. Not one of 'em can help being dead as they sure all are, to be sure.

One day a year with full honoring respect, anonymous or otherwise be entirely samesame to the dead, of course. No fault, no fight, no blame.

So here they all are anyway, just as helpless as 'scary' ever was. Once a year just might be about right. For that brief time in passing, Someone Dead might as well just grin and flash it!

Pendants are roughly the size of a US Silver Dollar, plus the bail. Hand-pressed boro formula glass from a hand-cut mold. Hand-punched bail, hand-painted 23K Gold accents at the loophole, eyes and exactly ONE tooth.

The glass itself is special. It's Depleted Uranium Oxide Green - that signature shade of Really Sick Green that antique "Vaseline" glass exhibits and some collectors do indeed fancy. It's the selfsame shade as the ordnance bursts that briefly flashed all over Baghdad and the US News (for not much longer) back when CheneyBush Corporation did its Ninesey-'Levvensey False Flag Criminal TerrorWar Dance all over everybody's aching head, awful and shocking as 'twas.

Sell-by Date for Big Lie Number One: PAST DUE. The Dancing Mossadi Sayanim on the Jersey shore, filming the towers falling straight down at near-freefall speeds amid clouds of Thermate-laden explosively-atomized concrete-and-steel-and-buggerall dust, what with their viddy cams a-goin' and that LOUD 'halvah nagela' dance pah-tay (on top of all that) proved a dead giveaway to the Neighbors Who Never Matter, Dirty Trickie-Dickie-Cheney-boo!

Later, the US Pentagon truth-twister squad decided to retouch all the Baghdad "Shock and Awe" Aerial Blitzkrieg War Crimes footage to exhibit flashing bursts of BROWN PROPAGANDA fire, instead. (You know the right color anyway from Wes Craven's accurate videographic usages AND all the surviving untouched YouTube footage, no doubt and no matter.)

Fact: Aggressive Criminal Gummint Propahanda issuing from an Aggressive Criminal Gummint is *always* tinged with Something Brown that Smells Really Bad. Sell-by Date for Big Lie Number Two: PAST DUE and DEAD as a POST in a COUNTERINTELLIGENCE BLOG.

But shockingly (and this is my point), Major Serious Scientist Dudes and Reverend Undertakers of all known faiths and persuasions consistently tend (for the most part) to agree that even the most Awful Deadly Aggressive Criminal Gummint Propaganda that has ever been pre-emptively ginned up into a full-cry Big AM Radio Zombie Fnord - even any Meta-Fnord - has NO EFFECT on the DEAD!

So don't YOU be afraid to be found in the company of these Two Dead Boys now, either; only know that the Legendary Rudeness of Ever-Dead Voudon Baron Samedhi effortlessly makes Limbaugh and Savage on the AM Radio look just like the twatdanglin' Useful IdioTards they truly just might be. Far less toxic than that sort, though, is the The Evil Demon Urani-um that VERY greenly inhabits their corporeal remains (maybe even in both instances). That Heavy Element is quite securely locked into the Amorphous Borosilicate Glass Molecular Structure (of the pendant, at least) with Universal Atomic Bonding Energy, so these Uranium Glass Skull Pendants are perfectly hygenic and safe around food, pets and most if not indeed all humanoid children. They are indeed glass and not plastic; don't throw 'em on the sidewalk. If you do, don't eat the pieces after. (Fair warning, duly delivered.)

$4.59 each, tissue-wrapped and bulk-packed with thong, sold by the $55.08 dozen.

MSRP = $8.59 USD, w/thong, gift-boxed, FOB Fitchburg MA 01420.

Shipped with a neckworthy length of Round Black Leather Thong. From a (dead) goat. For no extra funny-money. Sweet as any Live Deal over any Dead Thing ever was.
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LumenosVerre 'Early in the mornin' at the dead of the night,
Two Dead Boys got up to fight.
Back to back they faced each other,
Drew their swords and shot each other!
Our Deaf Policemen heerd the noise,
Caught shot 'n' killed them two Dead Boys.
But if y'don't believe this lie is true,
Just ask my Blind Neighbors! THEY saw it TOO!
LumenosVerre · 2009-10-20: 01:36
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