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Parakeets are a local exotic sight in Surrey. They squawk and fly overhead so I see them a lot.

It is not known when ringnecked parakeets, Psittacula krameri, first escaped into the wild in Britain. They may even have been released deliberately. One theory is that they escaped from the set of The African Queen, filmed in Ealing, West London, in 1951. Other suggestions are that they escaped from an aviary during the storm of 1987, and even that the release of a pair by Jimi Hendrix in Carnaby Street, Central London, in the 1960s, may be partly to blame.
But a couple of years ago a young and rather tatty looking parakeet arrived in our garden and we fed him for 5 days on apples, seed etc. He came each day for his food and then disappeared. We called him Percy.
Then on 18 December 2009 the day we were leaving for our trip to Scotland we saw what we like to think was Percy all grown up feeding at some fat balls. Tried to get some shots but they weren't good.
Then today he re-appeared and I whipped out my new camera, set the zoom to max and shot throught the glass of the conservatory. The collared dove wasn't bothered by his presence nor were the other birds- bluetits, sparrows etc that were around.
Out of all the shots of his bum or hidden etc these were the best. Not good quality but through glass and at a long distance away what do you expect. I just wanted to share Percy with you.
Lynda I took a couple of shots of some in Bushey Park 2 years ago
Lynda · 2010-02-02: 08:09
onlyricky wo-wo!!
Very interesting Lynda!
Parakeets are cute birds! I'd like to have them in wild here! x_x
onlyricky · 2010-02-02: 08:14
UNCLE DODO I saw some living in my local park: they were being harried by crows.
UNCLE DODO · 2010-02-02: 10:06
MoMac That was a nice story TFS. I like them especially the one with the collared dove.
MoMac · 2010-02-02: 12:08
????? lovely bird ;)
????? · 2010-02-02: 12:59
tracyseeger These are great shots considering the conditions you were shooting in. That is a lovely story, and I'm glad your little friend keeps returning.
tracyseeger · 2010-02-02: 13:06
DutchMountains great story with very nice pictures !! love those stories :)
DutchMountains · 2010-02-02: 15:59
????? there are a lot of different kinds of parrots and parakeets in CA - same reason - they probably either escaped or were let loose. Hope Percy stays around, he's pretty!
????? · 2010-02-02: 16:29
SunFlower1990 Beautiful bird!
SunFlower1990 · 2010-02-02: 18:34
soubhagya I see parrots and parakeets everyday as i walk from my hostel to hospital! They are abundant in India!
soubhagya · 2010-02-03: 09:24
????? It's super cute!
????? · 2010-02-03: 12:13
mystic1 Nice shots of Percy thru the glass, interesting information
mystic1 · 2010-02-04: 03:21
????? I oved your story and excellent pictures. I'm amazed that type of bird could stand the local winter weather!
????? · 2010-02-09: 23:19
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