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Welcome Baby Nikky!

You guys okay in there?
Yes, that would be "SNAIL" Hail and Snow that started to fall as I was shooting pics of my new favorite subject.
Look at Rei holding the ball with his hands in his sleeve! Man it was cold. You can see some small snowflakes falling.
Was snowing pretty good by this point! What in the world?! It's April 19th for goodness sakes. I finally had to bail and go warm up in the car. Poor kids had to suffer! BWAHAHAHAHA!
Okay, so I can visualize the puzzlement that is going off in your heads right now! What in the world do Geese, Goose Eggs and Baseball have to do with Baby Nikky?! And who the heck is Baby Nikki? Mat, is there something we should have been aware of?! Something you didn't tell us?! Well, I'm glad you asked!

I'm the new proud papa of the Nikkor AFS 70-200VR G ED 2.8. Okay, that's a mouthful! Think of it is a fast, tack sharp lens wich produces beautiful out of focus areas, and you know what I bought!

So, the next question I'm sure you're asking yourself, is why a Goose and Baseball in the same post? Obviously Mat, those have nothing in common! Well, seeings how I'm so in love with my little darlin' mama goose (Heidi is beginning to feel usurped!) I HAD to shoot her with my new lens!

And I had to include a couple of baseball pics for 2 reasons. Since this lens is essentially a sports shooters dream, of course I had to take it to practice this morning ... and more imporatanly, my good buddy TCC! doesn't like Birds! Given her status as a sports shooter, I just felt that I should include SOMETHING from practice. Not many shots of practice due to the SNOW we were having, and the fact that I was simply too much of a WIMP to brave it much longer than I did!

Madoc #1 & 3 are particularly great captures and #5 is pretty funny.
#7 is also truly great.
Congrats for your new super lense!
Madoc · 2008-04-19: 18:14
Queen911 Congratulations on "Little Nikky". Great captures
Queen911 · 2008-04-19: 19:16
ncshutterbug Congrats on the new lens! I know you're very excited.

The first shot is just magnificent, and so is the third. Shot #5 makes me laugh. :) Excellent job with the ball players in the sleet as well!
ncshutterbug · 2008-04-19: 20:50
basisimages Good shots. Enjoy the lens. I've got the 18-200 (rather slower at 3.5)for travel, so can appreciate your enjoyment with 2.8.
basisimages · 2008-04-19: 21:21
FirstBlush #5 is SO darn cute!! I love those!! Hey, when I come up in August, want to go do a shoot together?! You can take me to one of the cool places you always grab these great shots. :)
FirstBlush · 2008-04-19: 21:57
coyoteself Oh wow, the goose on the eggs are incredible and #5 had me laughing so much, that i saved it to my Favs. And playing ball in th snow is pretty funny too.
coyoteself · 2008-04-19: 23:48
LotoFoto Ok, I loved all of these shots and I was definitely sensing something different as I was paging down.
When I got to the baseball shots & saw the flakes in the shots, a little buzzer went off in my head that there was some new glass involved here. I was right!!!
These were great!!
LotoFoto · 2008-04-20: 01:04
veganess Mama goose sure gives you the eye, doesn't she? Imagine it in have a new baby, and there is this strange creature lurking in the woods, licking their lips, spying on your baby. Every time you turn around, there he is, watching with binoculars. No wonder she is keeping a close eye on you. (Can't wait to see the fuzzy little things emerge).
veganess · 2008-04-20: 01:52
peregol Beautiful captures
peregol · 2008-04-20: 04:10
Lynda Love the goose shots
Lynda · 2008-04-20: 06:08
ambersunsets Congrats on the new cam! Love these shots.
From the first set, number 5 is my favorite.
Number 9 is my fave from the second set.
ambersunsets · 2008-04-20: 14:08
eljapa Nice shots and story, congrats with your new lens! Really like #1, #3 , #5(funny!!!) and #9. I'm enjoying your way with words too :-)
Snail, baby Nikky tsss......
eljapa · 2008-04-20: 17:14
sparkylu25 Beautiful shots. #5 is a fave. Like she's saying, you're looking at me again? LOL
sparkylu25 · 2008-04-20: 21:34
mrutherford22 #2, 5, 7 and 9 are my absolute favorites! Great job! And what an AWESOME lens!! i'm so anxious to see what else it can do! Welcome baby Nikky! Great post Mat!
mrutherford22 · 2008-04-20: 23:11
vollenda Congratulations on your new lens! It's a beauty and these are great. She's going to be such a good mom, she's so watchful!
vollenda · 2008-04-20: 23:48
SheriJ WOW TCC doesn't like bird shots!! I am wrecked!! ;( WWAAAAA

Looks like what we call Thunder Snow here in Colorado!!

Great snaps Mat!! Love the birds and the kids!! Lens seems to be doing awesome.. I am still hoping for the 500mm since I love wildlife snaps so much. Plus if I get the 500 I don't have to hobble so much or try to get closer!! ;)
SheriJ · 2008-04-21: 14:12
????? fantastic, great work
????? · 2008-04-21: 14:37
????? wow Mat .. I love love number 3..these are amazing shots ..

congrats about your baby Nicki.. ha ha!!!

snow on April 19th????wow ...

those goose shots are just stunning!!!!!
????? · 2008-04-21: 20:03
aurian Congratulations on the new arrival, fresh from the factory no doubt (ha ha!). I have saved #9 (the baseball shot). There's something about the composition which appeals to me very much! :)
aurian · 2008-04-21: 21:57
bamommy Mat Congrats on the new lens. I bet Nikki is happy to be owned by you. Also the photos look great.
bamommy · 2008-04-23: 12:06
bolder 2 and 5

love 'em
bolder · 2008-04-23: 15:40
bacco66 Excellent, both the series
bacco66 · 2008-04-25: 20:53
picturemom GREAT shots! congrats on the new lens, I'm trying just to be happy and not so jealous! :0)
picturemom · 2008-04-28: 21:01
????? Wonderful shots!
????? · 2008-04-29: 06:15
Jacquelyn great shots nephew ! I will be waiting for the the little fuzzy baby to appear. I look at your snow in APRIL and think....I'm happy here in 80-90 degree weather and all my little peaches and tomatoes are too.
Jacquelyn · 2008-05-02: 09:25
janeE Congratulations on the new camera! I had to add #5 to my favorites! I love it! My daughter & I have a thing for geese. She'll love this set.
janeE · 2008-07-02: 10:41
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