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Not "Official" - my other game possibilities

I had other options for the game today.... but they just didn't seem tough enough. ;-)

On an unrelated note, I had to explain who Elton John was to my 12 year old daughter today - boy that one made me feel a bit old :(

I chose this song because in a way, I post these photos for my PB friends as much as for myself. My photographic "song".
Your Song,
Elton John
Pedar #1 is a glass I think,
#2 a Mixer
#3 something to open a cap or something
I don't know how much I'm true,
And about your unrelated note, I don't know why you felt that way, but being old is something good in my opinion :D, I just want to get old soon cause I love the white hair :P. and thanks for song here is 2:36 AM now and I'm listening to your shared music thanks again
Pedar · 2010-12-16: 18:07
djnana Great macros - they look like kitchen utensils to me! Thank goodness, my grandchildren have been raised with real culture - the Eagles, the Doobies, ThreeDogNight, and Creedence! "Your Song" was one of the first songs I ever played on my radio show - I still love it. Thanks for the memory!
djnana · 2010-12-16: 18:08
davidcardona Grat work! Thanks for sharing!
davidcardona · 2010-12-16: 18:27
malquistfamily ahh, so this means your other WAS a kitchen item??
malquistfamily · 2010-12-16: 18:28
HoosierAtHeART These are great shots and that is one of my favorite songs!!
HoosierAtHeART · 2010-12-16: 18:50
stabeez I like the glistening in the first and intimately know what the third is used for. I better go and use mine right now.
I'm back. Its a good thing you reminded me. I can explain who Elton John is for you if you are having difficulty. Explain that he wrote the song for Lion King. I have lots of other songs of his from the early days right up to the later issues. I haven't got the latest one though. I can even loan you a release-day copy of Yellow Brick Road from when I was in highschool. She would enjoy knowing that I took a day off school to be one of the first people in line so I could purchase the LP. Oh, Mom. What's an LP?
I couldn't resist. ; - )
stabeez · 2010-12-16: 19:33
malquistfamily oh yellow brick road is one of my favorites. EJ is so great.
malquistfamily · 2010-12-16: 19:49
Andarta These ones were much easier to guess, my favourite one is the first one
Andarta · 2010-12-16: 21:49
revenant I'm glad you went with the other one - these are 1) the place where the stem and bulb of a glass meet 2) a whisk and 3) the ratchet part of a corkscrew. Not too difficult for alcoholics like me.
revenant · 2010-12-17: 07:43
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