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Day 250 I wish I didn't feel this way

Ever had one of those days? Nothing seems to fit today, nothing seems.. right. Then I heard a song that made me want to cry. Since I listened to it, I've been feeling sad, and on the verge of..

Well, anyway, I can't change anything. Just try to move. forward.

Don't feel much like anything today. I'm struggling. Anyway, I rifled around and found this. It's dead. Don't know why I keep it. Wishful thinking won't fix it.

Not the song I heard, but how I felt - an edit, btw
revenant OK, attitude change. Everything passes, so there's little you can do, which means you might as well enjoy the journey. Make a gratitude list. Sounds dumb, but actually works: a list of people, things, memories you are grateful for. Not a comprehensive one, but the ten items you are happy are in your life. Write it down. You can add one to the list: your ability to take such excellent studies.

On a facetious note, your watch is more accurate than mine. At least it tells the time correctly twice a day...
revenant · 2010-12-13: 13:12
Eiram My mom used to tell me: this too shall pass...and you know what? She was right....I think it might be the weather and the lack of sunshine . My therapy is keeping myself busy. (I baked so much in the last couple of days:))
I like revenant´s ideas very much, too.

Eiram · 2010-12-13: 13:23
Riyaz aww great shot, and I hope you cheer up and things get back to normal!
Riyaz · 2010-12-13: 13:46
cariad Well it resulted in a great shot... Revenant is right as is Marie - it will pass...and in my experience it eases more readily when you stop fighting it. Go with the flow
cariad · 2010-12-13: 14:05
GKorts nothing to add
GKorts · 2010-12-13: 14:37
????? And here I am, wishing I could do that now (stop the time, I mean). But no such luck, exam is still scheduled for tomorrow and there is no escaping.

Regarding your current state of mind - as my former professor at University used to say - All that's happening now will eventually be called "last year".

Damn, it sounds better in Croatian :)))))) Still, I hope the meaning is understandable.
????? · 2010-12-13: 14:55
Andarta It is a very nice picture, sorry things are getting you down but I am always close if you need anything.
Andarta · 2010-12-13: 15:13
karmankwarner @Phil ~ Excellent statement. I hope you do not mind if I borrow it.
The Photograph is absolutely perfect. It could be a advertisement in a magazine for this watch. I agree with Reverant, make a list of the things you are greatful for. Since you are such a fabulous photographic artist maybe do it in photographs when you are having a tough day.
I will send POSITIVE POSITIVE POSITIVE thoughts in your direction....
karmankwarner · 2010-12-13: 15:17
Jarvo Sorry you don't feel good, but I'd like to thank you for a post that had a positive effect on me. You see, my dad used to have a drawer full of broken watches. I think because he always bought cheap ones and did a very dirty and dangerous job that wrecked them. He always kept them for fixing, but this never happened. Over the years he must have collected dozens of broken watches.

Seeing your picture reminded me of my dad and his failed watch mending and it brought a smile to me. Thank you so much for that.
Jarvo · 2010-12-13: 17:26
paulamarquis a good cry is sometimes exactly what we need...excellent photo, perfect.
paulamarquis · 2010-12-13: 18:09
????? http://www.photoblog.com/ASINUS/2009/05/17/64-tempus-fugit-first-primera-parte-argumento.html

Hello again Marjorie.

Probably only it is a chance, but we coincide on having looked for the window.
Here you have another invitation to appear to mine.
The time is the great secret. In my histories, the time is the life itself, does not happen independently from her. Not since it is in your world, into the mine, the real clock is to live.

Regards. Enric
????? · 2010-12-13: 18:30
stabeez Those days are around all the time.
Remember: You can't judge the day by the weather. Wake up tomorrow and watch some children in a Christmas Concert and you'll be able to smile again and realize that there is a lot to be happy about.
stabeez · 2010-12-13: 19:34
????? Oh... I hate those days.
You wake up strange and you don't know why... and everything is strange... nothing works ok...
The only solution is to pass the day, sleep and forget it.
????? · 2010-12-14: 07:39
????? Even though I totally agree with what others have said about an attitude of gratitude, etc., I have been struggling lately as well and I understand that sometimes those little attitude shifts are a lot harder to make than it sounds. (((((((Marjorie))))) I wish you didn't feel this way too. What was the song you heard?
????? · 2010-12-14: 09:12
djnana Marjorie, I venture to say that every one of us on PB has felt as you do now. Sometimes it last a few hours, days, even months, but there is always a light at the end. So, don't sit down, just keep moving forward. I've found that, during my "dark times", I've tried to do something for someone else - it's always rewarding and takes my mind off of me and my problems. Life is a roller-coaster ride and this is just a temporary "dip"! Hang in there - brighter days await! You're in my prayers...
djnana · 2010-12-14: 09:51
Lynda This is a lovely post and you can take pride in being a great photographer. I do think that winter is when many of us suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) where we feel depressed, don't sleep well and have no energy. Lack of the right kind of light affects our mood and levels of melatonin which in turn affects our sleep. Invest in a lightbox which gives you the level and amount of light you need and get outside and be active as physical activity also lifts the spirits. Hope you'll soon feel better.
Lynda · 2010-12-14: 11:21
onlyricky don't get stuck in time marjorie!
that's really bad, imagine not seeing the world turning around!
fix that clock and see the world.
by the way, somehow watches make me wonder..they are such thing.....gosh, time, space....physics.....:)
onlyricky · 2010-12-15: 14:56
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