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Day 257 - Dishing up some colour

In case you were wondering, I see in colour too. :)

This is for all my Photoblog friends who need some colour today.

This post needs a song for friends!
Eiram Then it is for me!! Thank you!!
Eiram · 2010-12-20: 12:32
karmankwarner How Pretty and bright, Thank You!! It made me smile and for me that is one of the most important things in making an excellent photograph. :)
karmankwarner · 2010-12-20: 13:03
malquistfamily love it! 4 especially :)
malquistfamily · 2010-12-20: 13:30
????? Oh yea. No Grinch here. Great idea and even better outcome.
#3 is added to my favs. And currently is the only fav I have. So, it is a kind of special honor :)
????? · 2010-12-20: 13:51
Jarvo What a wonderful idea. Well done.
Jarvo · 2010-12-20: 14:23
photodeclair beautiful !
photodeclair · 2010-12-20: 15:54
onlyricky what?
Am I daltonian or marjorie posted colors this time? (evil joke)

finally after all this time (and it was a bit), marjorie posted something colorful :) a bit of color to shine the day is something good sometimes :)
of course i'm not complaining , i'm a fan of your bw myself already! but sometimes color is good!
especially when is a mix of colors like this! crayons.. how i miss them..long time i don't use them... OMG when was the last time I used one? sometimes we (yes i say we because i bet you dont use them as well, you dont have time, i've time, but i get bored to use them lol) are so busy with our lives, that we don't stop and make a draw!
remember when you used to love drawing?
those flowers like circles and the petals crazily? the sun with a mouth (sometimes) and a boy or girl with thin legs and arms (anorexia was all over the history, we just didn't notice we made models for our draws skeletally thin lool (did i create a new word? skeletally? never heard of it lol) )..
so this makes me wonder ...
and in talking about wonder am i not talking too much?
anyways good macros marjorie!
onlyricky · 2010-12-20: 17:49
onlyricky BY THE WAY, the music sounds familiar to me..maybe i've listened it somewhere else..or maybe even someone in photoblog have posted this music some other time..i remember it..lol
onlyricky · 2010-12-20: 17:51
stabeez Well there you go. Colourful, beautiful, wonderful. After chatting today, I was surprised to see all of this colour. BTW, I just told Ricky that I have a B&W project for you. Bring your camera on Wednesday.
stabeez · 2010-12-20: 18:58
djnana Your crayon squiggles are so bright and colorful! Now, don't you feel better already??? (How about Petula Clark's "Color My World"?) These are actually great macros, Marjorie - and I like your new sleek profile pic!
djnana · 2010-12-20: 20:20
girafferacing What a lovely idea! :-)
girafferacing · 2010-12-21: 05:02
????? Wonderful color!
????? · 2010-12-21: 06:36
SADHYA This person needs some colour today too. So thank you for such a great post.
SADHYA · 2010-12-21: 07:41
Mimpsukka great colorful shots!!!
Mimpsukka · 2010-12-21: 11:19
????? I LOVE colours in your PB!!!
????? · 2010-12-21: 17:01
NellyBly Thank you! Those colors are great happy colors, and I love your new profile photo..you make me feel better now :-))
NellyBly · 2010-12-21: 20:29
????? nice to see some variety
good post
????? · 2010-12-22: 02:00
lismel I love it ! I love colorful pictures :)
lismel · 2010-12-22: 16:50
photographyMd so pretty!!
photographyMd · 2010-12-23: 18:45
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