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Day 269 - Unapologetically random

Didn't have it in me today... my shutterbug is tired... so these are my apologetically random and crap shots.

The one shot I'm most proud of I won't post. It's of my dad, an he wouldn't want to be on display, it's simply not his way.

[edit] I couldn't figure out why people were saying not to apologize... until I reread my own words... proof reading is not my greatest skill. I said apologetically random, when in fact I meant UNapologetically random. oops.
karmankwarner I really like #2 with all the crystal drops just waiting for the right time to let go and become something different in their lives....Nice Set.
karmankwarner · 2011-01-01: 22:33
djnana Never apologize for fine photography! These are really great, especially #2. (My daughter loved Strawberry Shortcake and so do my g-girls!)
djnana · 2011-01-01: 22:35
photodeclair very nice set !
photodeclair · 2011-01-01: 22:36
????? Hush yourself! These are certainly not crap! I really like the second because it looks symbolic and I love the water drops and the ring. Too bad about your dad. If my mom was alive I know she would have hated my posting her way back in April, but too bad. She's not here to argue. lol Really nice set Marjorie.
????? · 2011-01-01: 22:57
Pedar they are all great Iloved #3 Ican't add it to my fave from here Imean my phone but Iwill do a s soon as Ihave my laptop at home thank you for sharing
Pedar · 2011-01-02: 02:06
revenant Actually, I liked them all, Marjorie. We are usually our severest critic. I'm intrigued by No. 2. What is it?
revenant · 2011-01-02: 02:52
jokershadow I love #3 well done Mcmommy
jokershadow · 2011-01-02: 04:00
loulou169 Love very much number 2! The B and W and the simplicity! And the nature!
loulou169 · 2011-01-02: 07:22
stabeez I like water droplets and glittering water. #3 fits that perfectly, for me.
stabeez · 2011-01-02: 07:48
MrsSavidan I love, love, love the second one.
MrsSavidan · 2011-01-02: 10:47
Arie All are nice but the 2nd one is exceptional :-)
Arie · 2011-01-02: 11:26
Lynda Look pretty good to me.
Lynda · 2011-01-02: 15:35
cariad Look good to me...especially 2 and 3
cariad · 2011-01-02: 15:46
lismel I really love the two drops. It's sad we can't see the photo of your father, but it is understandable! I didn't post photos of my family when they asked me not to, even though I loved the picture!
lismel · 2011-01-02: 19:09
onlyricky I'm starting to get on Marjorie mood again!
rainy and rainy!
Lucky me, last week I hang out and took some shots! or other wise i'd be dead doing some inhome macros! lets worship for sun!
onlyricky · 2011-01-05: 18:33
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