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Scavenger Hunt

wily chickadees, they move so fast, they're hard to shoot!
crating of parts
perimeter of the lamp shade on my desk
What an unbelievably difficult list of words. Did the best I could, but honestly I'm starting to wish we could just have simple nouns.

Other (more successful) hunts are here.
liveandletlive Great job Marjorie!! I have to agree with you. Real scavenger hunts are for hidden objects- not usually abstract ideas or emotions. After working 2 jobs all week and the mundane chores of cooking, laundry and cleaning, this week's SH just seemed like more work.
liveandletlive · 2011-04-09: 14:02
joycephotography Nice post.
joycephotography · 2011-04-09: 14:31
Keryl I LOVE the chickadee - they've eluded my camera for years! You did good on crate and perimerter, too!
Keryl · 2011-04-09: 14:31
????? Wow we have a bird like that which we call a coal tit, maybe it's the same kind of thing.
This is a strong set of images!
????? · 2011-04-09: 14:34
Andarta Great job with the words this week! The chickadee is an excellent picture :-)
Andarta · 2011-04-09: 15:12
GKorts I am with you Marjorie, in the moment I have just the weekend to shot, and I do not want to spoil my weekend in front of the police station to wait for an accused
GKorts · 2011-04-09: 15:17
renatomartins Next time the hunt will be better. No problem you did your best. I like #2
renatomartins · 2011-04-09: 17:53
stabeez You've made a nice capture of the Chickadee. You are right. They eat a few metres from our front window and yet, I can seldom get a photo without blurriness. Good job.
stabeez · 2011-04-09: 19:23
????? you did well!
????? · 2011-04-09: 19:25
anggrekfoto good work, I like all
anggrekfoto · 2011-04-09: 19:56
lookagain Ohhh...I love the last one....cool depth and focus!
lookagain · 2011-04-09: 21:14
LisaMarieGeorge Nice shot.
LisaMarieGeorge · 2011-04-09: 21:59
lyricalthoughts great hunt.. love the wily
lyricalthoughts · 2011-04-09: 23:13
shevaugn good job!
shevaugn · 2011-04-10: 02:51
ArtBee You must have a lot on your plate Marjorie! Being a Mommy and having so many tasks to do and so little time can make it more difficult to think of things for an already difficult list of subjects. I sure do like your shot of the chick-a -dee they certainly are wily....Looks like your milk crates may be antiques.....Wonderful idea for perimeter....
Challenges are what they are....a challenge! The weekly Scavenger Hunt is by far the most challenging photography game I've ever participated in...especially when it's a random word list. Any one who has done it finds out quickly just how much effort goes into meeting the challenges. How many people joined the Scavenger Hunt and how many post each week.....the numbers are dwindling. It's a game that requires time and effort.....not everyone has the time or wants to put that much effort into a game. Summer is coming I think the numbers might just come to a handful!
ArtBee · 2011-04-10: 09:36
Belbe my favorite is the first with no doubt, I enjoy nature ..
great fast shot
Belbe · 2011-04-10: 09:39
????? fantastic post my friend! love, love the birdie especially!
????? · 2011-04-10: 12:50
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